Submission of income tax return: home loan interest data submission starts February 15



Income tax returns for 2017 can be submitted to the Tax and Customs Board from 15 February to 2 April 2018. Home loan interest data can also be submitted from 15 February.

If you require assistance with the declaration, please go to the Tax and Customs Board homepage, call the helpline at 880 0810 or write to the e-mail address:

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Frequently asked questions

  • From February 15 home loan customers can forward data about loan interest paid in 2017 from Netbank menu selection “Loan & Leasing“, see more detailed instructions above.
  • If the purpose of the loan is not noted on the pre-filled declaration, address of property related to the loan and registered immovable number/cadastral register number (row 8-10), then this data must be added manually. The registered immovable number or cadastral register number can be found easily from the online Land Register:, where you can search for data by address, name or personal identification code. To do so, open “Detailed search“ (Detailne otsing)
  • If the pre-filled declaration does not display the correct purpose share from loan sum (row 11), then you can find the correct information from your last year`s income tax return.

To add data manually, click on the “Change” button next to the corresponding home loan row and after filling it in, click on “Save” at the bottom of the page.