Interest rates


Offer for private customers:

Offer for the term deposit with a period is 13 months and the maximum deposit sum per customer is up to 50 000 euros.
Currency Deposit interest Deposit interest, if you invest at
least 25% of your deposit sum*
Deposit interest, if you invest at
least 50% of your deposit sum*




Terms and conditions

*The offer is valid if one of the investment products offered in the scope of the campaign is suitable for the customer on the basis of the risk assessment questionnaire. Please take into consideration that placing funds in investments entails risks. For example, by choosing an investment product without a guarantee on invested capital, the customer may suffer greater loss than the interest rate on a deposit increased to 1% or 1.5 %. This means that depending on the investment product and realisation of entailed risks, it may make more sense for the customer to choose a deposit without investment risk. Before placing funds in investments, the bank must have assessed the suitability and relevance for the customer.

Term deposit
1M 0,01 0,30 0,10 0,40
3M 0,05 0,50 0,30 0,60
6M 0,15 0,70 0,50 0,70
9M 0,25 0,80 0,60 0,80
12M 0,40 1,00 0,80 1,00
13M - - -
24M 0,50 1,10 1,00 1,10
36M 0,60 1,30 1,10 1,20
60M 0,80 1,50 1,20 1,30
  • The above interest rates are valid for sums from 100 EUR to 100 000 EUR or the equivalent in other currencies.
  • The interest has been provided in the table in percentages for the reporting year (360 days). Interest is calculated for the number of actual deposit days.
  • Interest rates are lower in the office by 0,05%.
Loan Products interest rates
Luminor base rate (Luminor Prime) 0,80% per 360-days year

Luminor Prime base interest:

  • Luminor Prime base interest is primarily meant as the base interest rate for long repayment period private loans (for example housing loans).
  • Luminor Prime base interest follows the situation on the market at a moderate pace, offering a more stable interest rate fluctuation than money market interest rates for example.
  • Base interest rate is affected by current short and long-term money market interest rates, the legal environment and interest rate expectations, inflation forecasts and general trends in economic development.
  • Luminor Prime base interest rate is determined by Luminor council.
Overdraft base interest rate
Base rate for overdrafts 10.95% per 360-days year
Currency of the current account Interest rate
EUR 0,01%
  • The interest rate shown in the table is in percent over the reporting year (360 days)
  • The interest is calculated for the actual number of deposit days
  • The interest is calculated from end-of-day account balances of at least 300 euros and is transferred to your current account at least once a year
Credit Card interest rates

Credit cards

Interest rate based on a 360-days year

Nordea Credit 20% per year/ 0,056% per day
Nordea Gold 18% per year/ 0,05.% per day
PINS 22% per year/ 0,061.% per day
Stockmann 18% per year/ 0,05.% per day
Platinum 12% per year/ 0,033.% per day
TopeltNeto 22% per year/ 0,061.% per day
Finnair Plus 22% per year/ 0,061.% per day
Late interest penalty 
8% per year (0,022% per day) on a 360-days year base*, but not less than contractual interest rate.


* ECB interest rate +8%, but not less than contractual interest rate.
ECB interest rate is the interest rate on the main refinancing operations (MRO), which provide the bulk of liquidity to the banking system. It might change twice a year (1st of January and 1st of July), the change will be announced in Ametlikud Teadaanded (Official Announcements).