Our contribution to society

From 01.10.2017 onwards, Nordea Bank AB Estonia Branch operates under the name Luminor Bank AS after combining businesses with AS DNB Bank. More information on www.luminor.ee

Until new services are launched, provision of daily banking will continue as before. Before concluding any agreements, please read the terms and conditions and if necessary, consult an expert.


Nordea's previous practice:

Contributing to the development of society is a natural part of Nordea bank`s daily operations. As the largest Nordic banking group , we take corporate social responsibility very seriously and we make sure we are responsible in all our activities and choices. 

Please read the Nordea Group corporate social responsibility policy.

  • In Estonia, we also support financial education and culture.

In cooperation with other banks, we meet children and youngsters in schools across Estonia every year to speak about personal financial wellbeing and share financial literacy skills. The aim of financial literacy classes is to make sure the younger generations know how to handle their finances and make sound long-term decisions.
Supporting culture is a strategic and long-term decision for Nordea to help promote Estonia`s creative economy and raise the country`s global competitiveness. We also aim to attract talents from across the globe to Estonia. We help all cultural figures who turn to us to the best of our abilities. Throughout the years, we have accumulated extensive experience and competence which we can share and thereby, help the entire sector. 

  • We are the main sponsor of the Black Nights Film Festival, presenter of Tallinn Music Week
  • In cooperation with the crowdfunding platform Hooandja (Kickstarter), we bring new people to culture – we take care of new talents, promote culture in rural areas and promote tolerance in Estonian society. Read more at nordea.hooandja.ee 
  • The largest concert hall in the Baltics bears our name – Nordea Concert Hall
In addition, our environments facebook.com/kultuurisober and kultuurisober.nordea.ee, allow us to highlight and recognise the people who due to lack of funds or other circumstances receive far less attention than they deserve.