From 01.10.2017 onwards, Nordea Bank AB Estonia Branch operates under the name Luminor Bank AS after combining businesses with AS DNB Bank. More information on www.luminor.ee

Until new services are launched, provision of daily banking will continue as before. Before concluding any agreements, please read the terms and conditions and if necessary, consult an expert.


Nordea's previous practice: "Making it possible” is the motto of the Nordea brand. To create new opportunities, we first need fresh ideas. Fresh ideas are born in the meeting point of different fields and people, somewhere you may least expect them: in the cooperation of multifunctional multi-talents in a multi-cultural environment. For this purpose, we try to bring together different cultures and people to enrich the worldview of us all and widen our world; to let people who have courage and ambition think big.

The Black Nights Film Festival and Nordea have much in common. It doesn’t matter that one of them focuses on the film world and the other on finance – both of them are meant for a sophisticated and informed audience. Both work hard to offer a unique experience, doing their job well and in a slightly different way to the others. PÖFF screens films that otherwise wouldn’t find their way to our cinemas, while Nordea has chosen a person-centred approach in its customer service. PÖFF is the largest international film festival in the Nordic countries, while Nordea is the largest bank in the region.

Enjoying the cinema together!

10% discount on PÖFF tickets with the Nordea Credit and Stockmann MasterCard credit card; 20% discount with the Gold Card; 30% discount with the Nordea Platinum Card.

Tallinn Music Week is the largest showcase festival in the Nordic countries. Nordea is the largest bank in the Nordic countries.

It doesn't matter whether you work in a bank or in a band – it's the ideas and professionalism that count. In order to be the best, you have to do something different from the others.

TMW brings us new music. Nordea talks to customers not just about products but about solutions that make your life easier.

With the cooperation agreement concluded in Tallinn today, the most contemporary concert hall in Estonia and the Baltics, located at the Solaris centre,  has been given the name – Nordea Concert Hall. By giving the concert hall its name and as a long-time supporter of culture, Nordea bank wants to confirm its full and long-time commitment to promoting culture.

According to the Head of the Concert Hall, Aivar Sirelpuu, the agreement with the former name sponsor ended and Nordea, a big supporter of culture, was a natural choice as a cooperation partner. “The largest bank in the Nordics is well-suited to be the name sponsor of the most contemporary concert hall in the region,” noted Sirelpuu and affirmed that the transition to the new name will not entail any changes in the structure or programme of the concert hall.
“By giving our name to Estonia`s best concert hall, we gain a powerful beacon that represents and reminds everybody of our values and convictions in supporting culture,“ said the Head of Nordea bank, Andreas Laane. 
The imposing concert hall, which now bears the name Nordea Concert Hall, has four levels with a total of 1829 seats and the most state-of-the-art lighting, video and sound technology, enabling many different types of events ranging from pop concerts, opera and theatre performances to fairs and international conventions. An average of 200 events a year take place in the building, visited by more than 200 000 people.
 Nordea, awarded the Best Bank in Estonia title in 2013 by one of the world`s leading banking and finance magazines, The Banker, has been involved in supporting culture with great dedication for a long time already. Best examples of supported initiatives in Estonia are the Black Nights Film Festival and Tallinn Music Week. In addition, Nordea manages the “Five star“ (Viis tärni) environments on Facebook and the web – facebook.com/kultuurisober and kultuurisober.nordea.ee, where the bank, with the help of experts, highlights cultural events that do not receive enough attention due to financial constraints or some other reasons.