About Nordea

Nordea in Estonia

Nordea Bank Estonia is a branch of the largest financial group in the Nordic countries, Nordea Bank AB (publ).

The first office of Nordea Bank, formerly known as Merita Bank, was opened at Harju 6 in Tallinn on 27 February 1995, and it was the first foreign bank office in Estonia.

As a universal bank, we offer the banking products and services needed for everyday settlements. We also provide exciting investment options in funds, as well as loans, leases, guarantees and documentary payments. Our debit and credit cards can be used for payment or ATM cash withdrawal both in Estonia and abroad.
Lease and factoring services are provided by our subsidiary, Nordea Finance Estonia. We offer lease financing for the purchase of cars and other vehicles and equipment for production.

Nordea around the world – the largest bank in the Nordic countries

The Nordea Bank AB financial group incorporates Nordea Bank Finland, Nordea Bank Norge, Nordea Bank Sweden and Nordea Bank Danmark, together with the insurance companies Vesta, Livia and Nordea Life and subsidiaries that handle leases, real estate and securities for the banks.

Nordea works in three areas: retail banking, corporate and institutional banking, and asset management and life insurance.

In the Nordic countries, the Nordea Group has nearly 11 million customers and 650 branch offices. With 7 million e-customers, Nordea is among the leading online banking companies in the world. Nordea’s shares are listed on the Stockholm, Helsinki and Copenhagen stock exchanges.

The Estonian branch of Nordea is part of the Baltic Countries, established within the group in April 1999. The first office opened in Riga in the autumn of 1998 and the bank expanded to Lithuania in 2000.

In addition to the Nordic countries and the Baltic states, which we consider our home market, Nordea is represented in 18 other countries around the world.


Making it possible



An excellent European bank – with dedicated employees, we offer the best to our customers and shareholders.



Excellent customer relationships

  • We think and act in the best interest of our customers
  • We understand the needs of our customers and exceed expectations
  • We do our job professionally
  • We establish long-term customer relationships

Valuable people

  • We understand that everything depends on people
  • We support the self-realisation and development of our employees
  • We appreciate people taking the initiative and keeping promises
  • We value achievements truthfully and fairly

Solid team

  • We combine forces to achieve more
  • We value cooperation
  • We trust and support one another
  • We agree on clear and reasonable rules

Our supporting pillars

Orientation to profitability and management of costs, risk and capital


Authorised processors of personal data

In our work, we follow the principles of the protection of personal data and banking secrecy.
The processing of our customers’ data is more specifically detailed in Article 9 of the Nordea general terms and conditions.
The list of processors of personal data authorised by Nordea Bank can be found here (in Estonian).

If you have a question about data processing, please contact us on the bank’s phone number 6 283 300 or by emailing eesti@nordea.com.

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