Online meeting

Online meeting – expert financial consultation at a suitable time and in a suitable place without visiting a bank office.

Online meeting is a flexible option to do your banking independent of your location. You can consult your Nordea Consultant in the comfort of your home, office, at your summer house or on a trip. In order to participate in an online meeting, you need a computer or a tablet with internet connection and headphones with a microphone or a telephone. You need to be logged on to Nordea online bank to initiate an online meeting.

Online meetings are available on work days between 09.00 - 20.00 and the meeting time is agreed with the Consultant in advance.

At online meetings, you can discuss daily banking business, saving and investing, financing needs and other bank-related products and services. Read more about technical requirements.

1. Set up a meeting with a Consultant

The Consultant will send you confirmation of the agreed meeting to your online bank mailbox, which also includes the link, which allows you to log on to the online meeting. If you cannot use headphones with a microphone for the online meeting, then the letter you receive will also list the telephone number and conference code, which allow you to talk to your Consultant by phone and simultaneously view the online meeting slides on your (tablet) computer screen.

2. Prepare for the online meeting

See more about technical requirements.

Log on to Nordea online bank and open your online bank mailbox. Find the meeting confirmation in your mailbox and click on the link included to make sure your technical tools are in order for the meeting.

  • If you are using a desktop, then go to the Lync application webpage and allow the required software module (plugin) to load. Enter your name and then click on the link "Join Meeting".
  • If you are using an iPad or Windows tablet for the web meeting, install the Skype for Business application on your tablet before you begin the online meeting.

Prior to the meeting, you should look up the documents you may need during consultation so that you would not need to spend time looking for them during the consultation session.

3. Log on to the online meeting

Wait until your Consultant has joined the online meeting. In case of errors, contact your Consultant by telephone.

Test the online meeting technical solution on your tablet prior to the meeting.

Online meetings are successful if you use the necessary operation system and web browser. We recommend using Internet Explorer as the first option.

Online meeting on a tablet

You can also participate in the online meetings with your tablet computer – iPad or Windows tablet if you have Wi-Fi connection and you have downloaded Skype for Business application on your tablet prior to the meeting. Install the application on your tablet before the online meeting begins.

At the moment, it is not yet possible to participate in the meeting with a tablet that works on Android.

Operatsioonisüsteem Veebilehitseja/app
Windows 10 EdgePDF (pdf, 1090 kb)
Windows 8 Internet ExplorerPDF (pdf, 1190 kb)
ChromePDF (pdf, 2300 kb)
FirefoxPDF (pdf, 2570 kb)
Windows 7 Internet ExplorerPDF (pdf, 2420 kb)
ChromePDF (pdf, 4250 kb)
FirefoxPDF (pdf, 4260 kb)
Mac OS X SafariPDF (pdf, 930 kb)
ChromePDF (pdf, 370 kb)
FirefoxPDF (pdf, 1715 kb)
iPad Skype for Business appPDF (pdf, 310 kb)
iPhone Skype for Business appPDF (pdf, 250 kb)

If the operation system and/or web browser on your computer is not listed in the above table, then we recommend testing whether the ones you use are suitable for the online meeting.

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