Price list for private customers

An updated private customer price list will enter into force on 1 Septmeber 2017.

Private customers price list changes:

Corporate customers price list includes the service fee rates for securities account statements.

Loan and Leasing
Housing loans Other loans Leasing
Housing loan Idea loan Vehicles
Consumer loan
Renovation loan
Filling in a payment order form 1.15 €
Issuing a confirmation or a certificate 4 €
Information request 40 € per hour /min 20 €
Request for audit information 20 €
A SWIFT copy or a copy of an XML message 10 €
Notification to a customer of a debt or other obligation that is overdue 5 € from the second reminder
A copy of an archived bank document 10 €
Sending data by e-post 5 €
Default interest on consumer credit debt ** Default interest rate set by law, which is calculated for a 360-day year
Default interest on other debts ** Default interest rate set by law, which is calculated for a 360-day year
Fee for redemption of a cheque 1 5 €
Fee for redemption of a cheque1 for a non-customer 20 €
Urgent confirmation or certificate 10 €
1 Only cheques which indicate Nordea Bank AB Estonia Branch as the redeeming bank can be redeemed. 
** ECB rate + 8,05% yearly (0,022% in a day), but not less than the contractual interest rate. The ECB rate is the interest rate of the European Central Bank applied to the main refinancing operations. It is published twice a year (1 January and 1 July) in the Official Journal by Eesti Pank.