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E-payment is an easy way for the customer to pay online for your products and services.

For customers, e-payment is an easy way to pay online, as there are no extra costs for using it. The customer chooses your product or service, pays with e-payment, and the sum will be credited to your company's account right away.

How does e-payment work?

  • The customer places an order for a product or service he/she is interested in and chooses e-payment as the method of payment
  • Seller's system generates an electronic payment order
  • The customer confirms the payment with his/her Netbank codes
  • The seller receives immediately a notofication of the payment made by the customer.
  • You can monitor the transactions through Nordea Netbank or Nordea Multibank

What are the benefits of e-payment?

  • Security
    E-payment is secure. The approval of the payment by the customer is conducted using exactly the same identification methods and secure channels as at our internet bank.
  • No risks
    When processing the order, you can be sure, that the order has been paid for. Your credit risks are thereby significantly reduced.
  • It's simple
    It's easy for your customers to pay with e-payment - they only have to use their Netbank codes to approve the pre-filled payment order and the transaction is done!
  • Speed
    Confirmation of the payment made by your customers reaches you in moments.
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  • For more information on Nordea's e-payment service, send an e-mail to or call us at +372 6 283 260

To incorporate e-payment into your company's net service, you have to open a current account in Nordea Bank.