Current account

You need a current account to make your daily settlements and use most banking services and products. It is simple and convenient to open and use a current account.
  • A current account allows you to do your daily banking swiftly and simply: make transactions, use debit and credit cards, open deposit accounts and use the internet and mobile bank.
  • Your current account will grant you rapid access to your funds through various bank channels (ATMs, Telephone Bank and internet bank, Mobile Bank and branch office) and lets you make transactions quickly by bank transfer or in cash.
  • Money on your current account will earn you interest.
  • A current account agreement for a legal entity can be signed by its legal representatives or someone with notarised authority
  • The founder(s) can open a current account for a legal entity that is just being established
  • To open a current account, the representative of a legal entity must come to a Nordea branch office bringing a proof of identity and documents proving the right of representation

For opening a current account, we accept the following forms of identification:

  • ID card,
  • passport,
  • residence permit card,
  • Estonian driver’s licence (only for Estonian citizens).
Documents proving the right of representation are:
  • An A/B card from the Estonian Business Register showing the registration of the company (not older than 15 days). If no valid excerpt from the business register is available, the bank may make an inquiry to the e-Business Register to check the registered data
  • To open a current account for public legal entities, it is additionally necessary to present the statute of the legal entity alongside the documents proving the representative’s right of representation 
For companies registered outside Estonia, the documents needed will depend on the company’s country of origin.

The documents required include:

  • Certificate of Incorporation or an excerpt from the business register
  • The statute of a legal entity or partnership agreement (Memorandum and Articles of Association, Memorandum of Association, By-Laws, Operating Agreement and Articles of Organisation)
  • A document on the selection or appointment of the management body of the legal entity (Management Board and CEO)
  • A document proving the right of representation

For further information, please contact our customer service or come to our branch office.

An IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is an internationally agreed means of identification for bank accounts. The IBAN is needed for making foreign transactions, receiving payments from foreign countries and making transfers outside Estonia.

The Estonian IBAN has 20 digits. A six-digit combination of letters and numbers has been added in front of the old domestic account number:
  • a two-letter country code (EE for Estonia);
  • a two-digit control number;
  • a two-digit bank code (17 for Nordea);
  • three zeros (000);
  • the old domestic account number (17000123456).

From 1 February 2014 the IBAN is used in Estonia and the old domestic account number is no longer valid.

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Opening a current account
For Estonian residents Free
For non-residents (EU-residents) 250 €

For other countries residents

750 €

Opening and closing an account in Nordea outside of Estonia for a customer of Nordea Estonia branch

200 €

Account fee for non EU countries (incl. Cyprus, Gibraltar, Malta)

Yearly fee 750 €
Account statements

Statements at customer’s request

  • From a branch office
  • From Nordea Netbank (not encrypted)
  • From Nordea Netbank (encrypted)
  • By email (digitally signed, encrypted)


  • 0.3 € / page, min 5 €
  • Free
  • 5 €
  • 5 €

By post**

  • to Estonia
  • abroad


0.3 € per page min 5 €

Regular statements once a month

  • By post within Estonia
  • By post abroad


7 €

Regular statements 10th, 20th and last day of the month

  • By post within Estonia
  • By post abroad


  • 10 €
  • 20 €

Regular statements on each banking day

  • By post within Estonia
  • By post abroad


  • 30 €
  • 60 €

** Postage fees will be added

Current account interest rates
Currency of the current account Interest rate
EUR 0,01%
Other currencies 0%
  • The interest rate shown in the table is in percent over the reporting year (360 days)
  • The interest is calculated for the actual number of deposit days
  • The interest is calculated from end-of-day account balances of at least 300 euros and is transferred to your current account at least once a year