E-payment is a convenient tool that lets your customers pay online for your products and services. As it does not involve any risk for you, it makes your business simpler and more secure.
  • E-payment is a simple and secure way to sell your products and services online.
  • With the e-payment system your customers can pay for your products or services right away.
  • When processing the order, you can be sure that the product or service has already been paid for, meaning that there is no credit risk for you.

E-payment is simple and convenient for you and your customers

  • The customer selects a product in your online store, places an order on the website and chooses e-payment as the payment method.
  • Your IT system generates an electronic payment order.
  • The customer confirms the payment with their internet bank codes.
  • You will immediately receive a transaction notification.
  • You can monitor the transactions through the Netbank or the Multibank.

You will immediately receive a notification of the transaction made by the customer.

E-payment is simple for your customers: they only have to enter their internet bank codes and approve the pre-filled payment order to complete the transaction.

E-payment is secure. The payment is approved using the very same identification methods and secure channels as in our Netbank.

Reduced risk
When processing the order, you can be sure that the product has already been paid for, so there is no credit risk for you.

New Banklink technical specificationPDF


Requests send to the bank:


Test version descriptionPDF
Generation of keys

Keys can be generated of openssl utility (Java is required). Keys must be -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----. 
NB! No need to generate Certificate request.
Help for generation of keys https://www.openssl.org/
The exchange of public keys takes place upon conclusion of an agreement.

E-payment - Services for merchants and companies providing services
Contract fee 60 €
Monthly fee Free
Transaction fee 1 % of the amount, min 0,13 €
Fee for contractual amendments 15 €


General terms and conditions of e-paymentPDF