With e-identification you can identify the customers who use your electronic services. This simple and convenient tool helps you minimise your risks.
  • By letting your customers identify themselves when they use your electronic service you can make binding agreements, accept applications or provide secure access to your services.
  • There is no need for you to develop your own system of user IDs and passwords as you can apply the very same secure identification system we use for our Netbank.
  • E-identification can make your work more efficient, convenient and secure.

Minimised risks

You know exactly whom you are dealing with, as your customers have been identified by our banking systems.


Personal data is sent through secure channels so that neither you nor your customers need worry about it ending up in the hands of anyone else.


E-identification is easy for your customers, because they can use their existing internet bank user IDs, without having to remember new passwords or identification codes.

E-identification is easy and convenient for you and your customers

  • Customers identify themselves in the service provider’s system with their Netbank user ID.
  • The bank confirms to the e-identification partner that the customer’s name and personal identification code are correct.

New Banklink technical specificationPDF


Requests send to the bank:


Test version descriptionPDF
Generation of keys

Keys can be generated of openssl utility (Java is required). Keys must be -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----. 
NB! No need to generate Certificate request.
Help for generation of keys https://www.openssl.org/
The exchange of public keys takes place upon conclusion of an agreement.


Contract fee 60 €
Monthly fee 10 €
Fee for contractual amendments 15 €

General terms and confitions