Mobile bank

Our Mobile Application gives you quick and easy access to your accounts in the bank. Mobile Application is available for all types of smartphones and iPad.

What is push notifications service?

When enabled on your mobile device push notifications provides instant updates on your accounts. You will receive information regarding:

  • when you receive money to your account;
  • when you make a payment from your account;
  • when your account balance drops below a certain limit.

How can I enable push notifications?

You need to open “Settings” in mobile banking app’s menu and click on “Push Notification settings”. Then you can customize your push notification settings for specific account. After saving your settings you will receive a push notification whenever there is something happening in your accounts!

How can I turn off push notifications?
You can always disable push notifications by heading to push notifications section in the mobile banking app setting on your device.

I have lost my phone! How can I disable push notifications?
If you lost your phone, please call our.

Push notifications service provider information
Urban Airship, Inc.,
1417 NW Everett St.,
 Suite 300, Portland, Oregon 97209, USA

The simplest way to use our Mobile Bank with Android phones and iPhones is through the bank's app.
If your phone has another operating system such as Windows Phone, you can access our Mobile Bank on

With the mobile banking app you will be able to:

  • check your account and card balance;
  • see your latest transactions;
  • make a domestic and foreign payment;
  • transfer funds to your credit card account;
  • view loans and leasing information;
  • find the nearest bank's branch or ATM;
Download the updated Mobile Bank app to your mobile device!

The app runs on:

  • iPhones with OS version 4.x or newer;
  • Android phones with OS version 2.2 or newer;
  • iPad with OS version 6.0 or newer
iPhone application

iPad application



You can use following authentication methods:

  • Nordea Codes application (koodid.nordea.eeOpens new window);
  • your personal four digit password (Light Login);
  • your mobile signature (Mobile-ID);
  • Code Calculator;
  • code card issued by our bank.

Information on the processing of personal data in the banking application Mobile Bank ("The banking app") 

Banking app allows you to perform basic banking services. These banking services are governed by banks General Terms and Conditions. For information about bank's processing of personal data in connection with the services, see the clause 9 of the General Terms and Conditions.
Mobile apps have implemented the following safety features to ensure that your data is always safe and no external parties can access information in our apps:

  • Encryption of data being sent to and from the mobile application
  • Encryption of all data stored on the device
  • Personal data protection
  • No personal data is saved or kept on the device
  • Multi-factor authentication
With iPad app you will be able to:
  • use full-featured internet banking service;
  • securely save multiple user profiles for faster access to internet bank;
  • use different calculators - arithmetic, currency, loans and savings;
  • keep track of the latest changes in the market;
  • quickly get in touch with bank‘s contact centre 
  • use application in different languages.

You can connect to bank on iPad app the same way as you would connect to internet bank on your computer:

  • your personal four digit password (Light Login);
  • code card or token issued by our bank;
  • your mobile signature (Mobile-ID).
  • Nordea Codes app
  • Code Calculator