Nordea Multibank is an electronic banking software suite for corporate use that lets you manage your corporate accounts in Nordea Estonia and other banks of the Nordea Group without leaving the office.

The Multibank banking software works equally well for large or small companies as it can be used at a single workstation or within a computer network. The software can have multiple users and it allows limits to be set on the operations that different users are allowed to perform.

The program enables administration of several companies at a time, and so it is very well suited for accounting companies. The Nordea Multibank software is compatible with most of the accounting programs used in Estonia. The Multibank is available in Estonian, English, Latvian and Lithuanian.

General services

  • Account statements, account balances
  • List of transactions in the current banking day, turnover statement
  • Transaction history (saved in MS Excel format)
  • Preliminary information on the receipt of international payments
  • Reference payments (export as file)
  • Bank notices

You can execute the following payments in Multibank:

  • Transfers within Nordea Estonia (including different currencies)
  • Currency exchange between accounts
  • Domestic payments
  • Salary payments as mass payments
  • International payments
  • Future payment date setting for all payments
  • All payments sent to the bank before 4 p.m. shall be forwarded on the same banking day. The later ones will be sent out on the following banking day.
Additional options
  • Payee register (categorised by types of companies and payments)
  • Payment confirmation (single or double confirmation)
  • Account-based management of users and user rights

Cash management

  • Use of current accounts in other banks in the Nordea Group. Nordea Intercompany Payment (payment of invoices within a single company on the same value date within Nordea)
  • Use of current accounts in other banks
  • Account statements, balances and daily transactions from foreign banks
  • Group account
  • Zero balancing
  • Baltic reports – balances categorised by companies, currencies or countries

To order the Nordea Multibank banking software, you sign an agreement as the authorised representative of the account holder with our customer service representative. The order is executed within a week and we will contact you to make an appointment for installing the system.  Before installation, please provide us with a written list of the names of users, their personal identification codes and the rights you wish them to have.

Recommended requirements for the computer:

  • Software: Operating system: Windows XP or later
  • Hardware: Processor – 1 GHz or more,
    RAM (operational memory) – 2 GB or more
    Connection – TCP/IP internet connection

If you want to download version 8 of Multibank, then please inform us of this before installing a new version by sending us an e-mail at Nordea Customer Support at (topic: Multibank version 8). Thereupon, we will send your company`s contact person the code necessary to download the certificate by SMS.

NB! Do not start installing the new version of the programme before the contact person has received the code by SMS! Otherwise, you may accidentally make your current Multibank version unusable.

Downloading the NEW version of Multibank:

Last updated: 07.06.2016

Nordea Multibank version 8.3
Nordea Multibank version 8.3 - Upgrade
Nordea Multibank version 8.3 - Update
Nordea Multibank version 8.3 installation guide
PnP update - last updated on 07.06.2016
Telehansa format 6 (TH6) import modul for Multipank - User manual
Guide how to make payments in ruble

Downloading PREVIOUS versions of Multibank:
As initial installation requires entering important parameters and security codes, then as a rule, this is done by a bank employee.
You need Multibank installation files if Multibank has been installed on your computer before but there are interferences in the programme`s operation. Also, if you are planning to change your computer or computer operation system or if you want to add a new workstation with bank connection software to the local computer network. NB! In order to access Multibank installation filesOpens new window, you need to know your company`s customer number.

Terms and conditions of the Multibank service agreement

Group Account
Group account registration (per Group account) 100 €
Fee for group account service per transaction account 20 €
Monthly fee for internal interest calculation (per Group account) 7 €
Changes in to the group account structure or any other change in agreement 26 €
Zero Balance Group account
Zero Balance Group account registration (per ZB structure) 100 €
Monthly fee for Zero Balance Group account service (for each account) 20 €
Changes in agreement 26 €
Automatized money sweeping/topping service between Nordea Banks accounts
Registration 50 €

Monthly service fee

  • payment frequency: daily
  • payment frequency: weekly
  • payment frequency: monthly


  • 50 €
  • 25 €
  • 10 €
Fee for one payment According to payments price lists
Automatized money sweeping/topping service to outside Nordea Banks
Registration 70 €
Monthly service fee (payment frequency: monthly) 70 €
Zero balancing transaction between current accounts
Monthly fee per account pair (payment frequency: daily) 20 €

Nordea Multibank
First registration and installation at the client 25 €
Monthly maintenance fee 15 €
Monthly additional maintenance fee for every next company of the group 7.50 €
Additional consultation at customer's request and at customer’s premises 20 € /hour + travel costs
Payments in Multibank/Corporate Netbank 1
Domestic euro payment to Estonia and EU/EEA member states 25 €
Express international payment 3 15 €
Express international payment in full to beneficiary 2,3 7.50 €
Additional consultation at customer's request and at customer’s premises 20 € /hour + travel costs

1 Other payments according to Payments price list
2 Remitter (OUR) – the Customer as the remitter shall pay the fee set by the Bank and such fee shall cover the fees set by all other banks involved in the process of execution of payment. However, the Bank shall not be held liable if during the process of execution of payment no fees of other banks are withheld or the recipient does not receive the payment amount in full due to other reasons beyond the Bank's control. Payments in EUR or EU / EEA member states currencies are allowed if payment is with currency conversion. 
3 Requires an agreement.

Web Service channel
Initial registration and connection 50 €
Amendments in Web services channel agreement 15 €
Monthly fee (payments + account information) 50 €
Monthly fee (account information) 25 €
Plug&Play 50 €
File-transfer services
SWIFT message MT101
Service activation (when MT 101 is sent to another Nordea branch) Free
Service activation (when MT 101 is sent to other banks) 15 €
Using MT101 service (when MT 101 is sent to another Nordea branch) 15 € per month
Payments according to payments price list
Current account information (MT940, MT941, MT942)
Sending account information to other banks via SWIFT (MT940, MT941, MT942) to Nordea units Free
Sending account information to other banks via SWIFT (MT 940, MT941, MT942) to other banks 13 €
Using MT940, MT941, MT942 service (to other banks via SWIFT MT940, MT941, MT942 to Nordea units 13 € per month
Receiving of account information
Opening the service, when account information is received from Nordea units Free
Account information via SWIFT (MT940, MT941, MT942) from Nordea units Free
Account information sent via SWIFT (MT 940, MT941, MT942) from other banks 13 € per month
Current account information (ISO 20022 XML format camt.052, camt.053)
Registration 25 €
Monthly fee for customer 25 €