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In order to keep up with global digitalisation trends and best meet our customers’ high expectations regarding use of banking services in a contemporary, fast and convenient way, we have created a brand-new banking services` remote channel – Nordea Online!

Now you can use all the main Nordea banking services on your computer, tablet or smart phone without leaving your home or office.

Use the corporate customer online application portal and receive the discounts below.








The following discounts apply to corporate customers who opt for the corporate customer business package for the first time during the offer period:

  • Corporate customer business package 10, business package 25 or business package 50 without monthly fee for 6 months from choosing the business package.
  • MasterCard Business Debit card without the monthly management fee for 6 months from conclusion of card agreement;
  • Maestro without the monthly management fee for 6 months from conclusion of card agreement;


The following discount applies to corporate customers during the offer period if total credit liabilities at Nordea Group, including the new loan the customer is applying for, remain below 100 000 euros:

  • A 50% discount on corporate or overdraft loan agreement fee, but with agreement fee of at least 87.50 euros.


Read campaign terms and conditionsPDF.

What is an online meeting?

Nordea`s online meeting is a remote communication channel offered to your company enabling faster access to professional banking services and consultations at a time and in a way most suitable to you. An online meeting is a flexible opportunity to perform banking activities independent of your location. All you need are headphones with a microphone and a computer, tablet or smart phone with internet connection.

During an online meeting, you can discuss financial issues related to your company and the options of applying for different bank products and services (for example: bank accounts, corporate loan and overdraft, leasing, cards etc.) with your Corporate Customer Consultant. Working through materials together, sharing ideas or calculations over the screen and receiving professional advice from Nordea Online`s Corporate Customer Consultant is easier than ever before.

You can participate in our online meetings on business days 09.00 – 17.00 and you can make an appointment here or call Nordea Customer Support at +372 6 283 300.



To make an appointment for an online meeting, please call Nordea Customer Support at +372 6 283 300 or book an appointment here.

We consult our corporate customers on Nordea`s main banking products and services:

You can participate in online meetings conducted by Nordea Online Corporate Consultants on weekdays 9.00 – 17.00.

If you have questions about daily banking services and products, call Nordea Customer Support at +372 6 283 300 or send a letter to

Nordea Customer Support provides information about bank services and enables you to perform transactions 24/7.

By calling Customer Support, with no need to visit a bank office, you can:

  • Check your account balance and perform payments;
  • Open deposits and check their status;
  • Make appointments for online meetings;
  • Get additional information about currently used bank services;
  • Information about your loans, e.g. about loan balance, next payment due date and sum;
  • Information about products and services offered by other banks.

Nordea Customer Support is a convenient and time-saving way to organise your company`s finances. All you need to do is to identify yourself (code card, Codes application or mobile token application) and our 24/7 Customer Support can help you with all of the above-mentioned.

Nordea`s mobile application is a secure, fast and easy way to use banking services for owners of smart phones with Apple iPhone and Android operation systems. Download to application from the websites AppStore or Play Store free of charge and enjoy the convenience it offers.

Mobile Bank

You can enter Nordea`s mobile bank with your mobile phone through Nordea`s mobile application or from the website

With Nordea`s mobile bank, you can:

  • view your banking transactions` history;
  • make payments and check receipts;
  • view bank card information;
  • view loan and leasing agreements` information;
  • go to your private customer Netbank
  • send and receive messages by going to the category Correspondence.

iPad application

Nordea`s iPad application enables you to:

  • use all Nordea`s Netbank services;
  • safely use several user profiles to enter Netbank faster;
  • find the nearest Nordea bank office and ATM from the map;
  • use the currency conversion, loan and deposit calculator;
  • keep up to date on changes in stock prices;
  • contact Nordea Customer Support and get answers to your questions;
  • easily change the application language.

We know that time is one of the most important assets for entrepreneurs, Nordea Online gives you a helping hand and guarantees faster solutions, simpler and more transparent processes and professional consultation at a time and in the way most suitable for you independent of where you are located.

Nordea Online offers you all of the main daily banking and financing solutions: 

We recommend using the opportunity to apply for banking products and services online via the Self-service portalOpens new window!


Apply for an online meeting here or call +3726283300 and Nordea`s professional team of experts is at your service to provide individualised advice and recommend financial solutions at a time suitable for you independent of your location.



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Which advantages does Nordea Online offer your company?

Valuable time savings. You no longer need to spend your time physically visiting our bank office, because all the main banking products and services can be adopted online. For example, to order a company bank card, you only need to fill in an application online, which will be sent automatically to our Nordea Online unit for processing. You can also sign agreements digitally.

Better access to the bank: To receive financial advice from the bank, customers no longer need to make physical appointments. Instead, we offer the opportunity to contact the bank through Nordea`s online meetings – independent of the customer`s location. During Nordea`s online meetings, customers can consult with a Corporate Customer Consultant, view him or her on screen, read texts and share the screen to go through necessary materials.

Faster and more efficient service: Customers are now served by a team of Corporate Customer Consultants. This means that the first available Consultant will take customers calls and answer to inquiries faster. Due to the fact that internal bank processes have been upgraded and made more efficient, Nordea Online can make faster decisions and satisfy customer`s applications more urgently.

To maximise the advantages the bank and Nordea Online offer, we recommend using different options for digital signing, which allow you to sign documents, agreements and for example, applications without physically visiting a bank office.

Which solutions are available for digital signing / personal identification?

  • ID-card and Digi-ID – most used and safest option for personal identification, using online bank and other e-services. In addition to the previously mentioned card, electronic adoption of the ID-card and Digi-ID requires PIN-codes, valid certificates, a computer with internet connection, ID-software and a card reader.
  • Mobile-ID – digital identity card on your smart device. With Mobile-ID, you can easily enter electronic environments, perform bank transfers, conclude agreements, and also give digital signatures independent of your physical location.

Which are the main uses for digital signing /personal identification?

  • Signing agreements, applications and other documents in electronic format;
  • Using the online bank and confirming payments;
  • Person`s official identification in electronic environments to perform different transactions (e.g.: State Portal, Tax and Customs Board, banks, telecommunication companies etc.).

Additional information about the possibilities to use digital signature is available on the webpage:

Book a consultation over web or in a bank office