Business packages

A corporate customer with a business package can use Nordea intrabank payments to an unlimited capacity free of charge. In addition, the package includes a set number of euro payments and a MasterCard Business Debit bank card without the annual fee.
Campaign period:  26.09. – 31.12.2016

Campaign offer:

Business package 10, 25 or 50 free of charge for 6 months to customers, who conclude the business package agreement for the first time.

By also deciding to obtain Nordea’s banking card for your company, no monthly administration fee will be applied to it for 6 months.  One Mastercard Business Debit, or Maestro card, can be applied for under the preferential terms.

Special offer during the campaign period:

If a leasing agreement is concluded with Nordea Finance Estonia AS during the campaign period, the aforementioned monthly administration fee discounts for business packages, and the selected banking card, will be prolonged to 12 months. Please become acquainted with the campaign offers’ terms and conditionsPDF.

A business package allows corporate customers to perform a set number of euro payments for a fixed monthly fee in our online bank.

A fixed monthly fee helps keep costs under control and provides a more affordable solution for payments compared to the regular payment-based settlements.

All intrabank payments are free of charge and unlimited for Nordea corporate customers. In addition, it is possible the use our MasterCard Business Debit bank card, which has the advantages of a credit card, without the annual fee.

  • The precondition for using business packages is a valid online bank agreement.
  • The business package monthly fee and number of payments included in the package are listed in the business package pricelist
  • The business package includes euro payments performed/initiated via our online bank, e-invoice standing payment orders and standing payment orders.
  • Payments exceeding the business package volume and payments that are not included in the package are priced according to the online bank pricelist without a monthly fee.
  • The business package monthly fee is debited on the last working day of each month.
  • The service fee of payments that exceed the volume of the business package is debited on the 10th date of the following month.
  • All intrabank payments are free of charge to an unlimited capacity for Nordea corporate customers.
  • Corporate customers who use a business package can choose one MasterCard Business Debit bank card without the annual fee.
  • Corporate Savings deposit, that provides a flexible depositing option for finances with a higher interest rate than a regular settlement account, is an inseparable part of the Corporate customer business package.

Number of payments in the package Monthly maintenance fee
Business package 10 10 payments 3 €
Business package 25 25 payments 7 €
Business package 50 50 payments 13 €
Business package 150 150 payments 29 €