E-invoices are better for the environment and are considerably faster, more convenient and more secure than paper invoices. It is quick and easy to sign up for e-invoices.
  • An e-invoice is an electronic invoice that is like a printed invoice, and which you can order from companies that give you the option of getting their invoices in electronic form.
  • With an e-invoice you will receive a pre-filled payment order which you can use to either make a one-off payment or arrange for an automatic standing payment of the e-invoice.
  • To allow payments you will need to sign an e-invoice standing payment agreement. You can sign the agreement through our internet bank or Telephone Bank or in a Nordea branch office.

You can order e-invoices from companies that give you the option of getting their invoices in electronic form, through Nordea Netbank or from www.arved.ee and www.omniva.ee (in Estonian).

E-invoices can also be ordered if you want to pay someone else's bills.

The partner of Nordea Estonia in providing the e-invoice standing payment service is Fitek AS. To start using the service, you will need to sign the e-invoice service agreement with Fitek AS. 


For options for technical details, please contact Fitek AS:
Tel: +372 6 519 000
Email: teenindus@fitek.com


E-invoice standing order
In the branch office / Telephone bank In Nordea Netbank
Signing, amending and terminating e-invoice standing order agreement Free Free
E-Invoice standing order – internal Free Free
E-Invoice standing order – to another bank Free Free
E-invoice one-time payment  - internal - Free
E-invoice one-time payment - to another bank - 0.38 €