Electric cars

With Luminor Liising you can lease a fashionable new electric car. Electric cars are the future as they are good for the environment and very trendy.

Luminor Liising can finance an electric car if you buy it from the official dealer in Estonia.

Luminor Liising offers a finance lease of up to five years for electric cars.
You can also apply for an operating lease for the Nissan Leaf, which we offer through Nissan Finance. Ask for a Nissan Finance offer at an official Nissan dealer.



Leasing customer service 

Telephone: + 372 710 1300
Fax: + 710 1301
Email: liising@luminor.ee
Mon–Fri 09.00–17.00

General contacts for Luminor Liising

Luminor Liising AS
Liivalaia 45, 10145 Tallinn
Telephone: +372 710 1300
Fax: +372 710 1301
Email: liising@luminor.ee

Current accounts for paying lease invoices

Payee: Luminor Liising AS
EUR current account no.: EE611700017000019152