IT and medical equipment

Nordea Leasing has created an application called AssetMaster which is a comprehensive financing and management tool for IT equipment and medical devices that helps your company manage both large and small investments and helps you keep your costs under control.
  • Nordea Leasing's AssetMaster is a financing tool for office equipment and medical devices. It is an innovative value-added application that was created for leases and for the administration and management of IT and office equipment and medical devices.
  • With AssetMaster you can lease your equipment quickly and conveniently. AssetMaster has been created so that your lease payments are fixed for the whole period of the lease.
  • You will need to sign a framework contract, which lets you finance both your larger procurements and your smaller investments efficiently.
  • AssetMaster has a dedicated management module that helps you keep records of your equipment and expenses. At the end of your lease you can dispose of your old equipment and data securely and with no additional costs.
  • An AssetMaster contract also gives you the option of sale and leaseback of the IT and office equipment and medical devices that you have already bought. This means that we will buy your assets from you and then lease them back to you.
  • AssetMaster is used in all the lease companies of Nordea Group. International companies whose home bank is Nordea can use this convenient value-added application in all the countries of Nordea’s home markets at the same time.
  • Choose the equipment you need and its seller
  • Turn to your contact person at Nordea Bank or send a request by email to