Insurance In addition to financing your vehicle, Luminor Liising can help you with motor third party liability insurance and motor own damage (casco) insurance contracts for your car. This makes your life a lot easier.
In partnership with IIZI Kindlustusmaakler AS and the insurance companies If P&C Insurance AS, Seesam Insurance AS, AB „Lietuvos draudimas“ Estonia branch (PZU), AAS „BTA Baltic Insurance Company“ Estonia branch, and ERGO Insurance SE, Luminor Liising can give you motor third party liability insurance and motor own damage (casco) insurance with competitive prices and very good conditions.

If you get your vehicle insurance through Luminor, the policyholder will be Luminor Liising. You can choose between annual or monthly payments and the insurance payment will be added to your lease bill either once a year or each month. Monthly payments include a fee for financing the insurance payment.

You do not have to worry about renewing your insurance contract when it expires, as this will be taken care of by IIZI Kindlustusmaakler AS. The insurance broker assists you in all insurance issues and gives advice if you need to make a claim.

Contact details of IIZI Kindlustusmaakler AS: Pärnu mnt 158/1, Tallinn 11317
Tel.: +372 666 0350
Fax: +372 6666 0664

If your lease contract makes it your responsibility to sign an insurance contract, then you must do so with one of the insurance companies accepted by Luminor Liising.

Your insurance contract must meet the requirements set by Luminor Liising.

Your insurance contract must come into effect no later than the moment that you become responsible for any loss or damage to the vehicle, meaning from the date you sign the delivery and receipt document for your car. The beneficiary in the insurance contract must be Luminor Liising AS.

  • You need to submit the insurance policy for any insurance other than motor third party liability insurance to Luminor Liising within three days of taking possession of the vehicle and a renewed policy within three days of renewing the insurance contract.
  • If you do not submit the insurance policy by the due date Luminor Liising has the right to sign an insurance contract itself as described in the lease contract. In this case you will have to pay Luminor Liising for insuring the vehicle.
  • The insurance cover for vehicles that belong to Luminor Liising is monitored by IIZI Kindlustusmaakler AS. Please send your insurance policies by email to


The insurance companies accepted by Luminor Liising for motor own damage (casco) insurance are:
  • BTA Insurance Company SE Eesti filiaal
  • AAS Gjensidige Baltic Eesti filiaal
  • If P&C Insurance AS
  • AB „Lietuvos draudimas“ estonian branch (PZU)
  • Salva Kindlustuse AS
  • Seesam Insurance AS
  • Ergo Insurance SE

For motor third party liability insurance Luminor Liising accepts all insurance companies who have permission from the Financial Supervision Authority to offer such insurance in Estonia.