Nordea car lease is a convenient and flexible solution if you want to buy a company car. We will help you get the car that best suits the needs of your company.

Nordea Leasing has a range of solutions to help you buy a new vehicle.
Leasing a car is simple:

  • Choose the vehicle that you want and the type of lease.

The type of lease you should choose depends a lot on whether you only want to use the vehicle over an agreed period, or whether you want to own it when the lease period ends. You can read more about the lease conditions (in Estonian) here.

  • Fill in a lease application and submit it together with the required documents to Nordea (in Estonian)
  • We will make you an offer and if you accept it, we will sign a lease contract with you.
  • After you have made the first payment and paid the contract fee, the seller of the vehicle will hand the car over to you and you can start driving it straight away.

If you want to know approximately how much your lease payments will be, you can use the lease calculator.


A full service lease is a simple and convenient solution if you want to maintain your company cars cost-effectively. A full service lease frees up resources for your main business operations. Rather than wasting your valuable time on worrying about problems with your cars, you can just use them to help your company achieve its goals.
Together with ALD Automotive, the largest full service car lease company in Europe, Nordea Leasing can offer you a full service car lease under the NF Fleet brand.

ALD Automotive is the biggest full service lease provider in the Baltic region and it gives personalised solutions with the best quality. ALD Automotive's ability to buy new vehicles and provide services offers significant advantages to NF Fleet customers through competitive prices and high-quality services.

A full service lease means a lot more than just an interest rate as it focuses on the total operating costs of your vehicle, from its financing to the provision of spare parts. The best professionals in their field will help you find the best solution for servicing your company cars. You can add all the operating costs of your cars to your full service lease payments such as insurance, maintenance, repairs, spare parts and tyres. You can also add fees for services that save the time of those who use the cars such as claims handling, arranging for maintenance and repairs, replacing and storing tyres, round-the-clock emergency assistance, etc. With a full service lease your lease payments are fixed throughout the lease and this helps you plan your vehicle expenses quite precisely.

Full service lease experts have long experience and their skills and knowledge are at your disposal throughout the whole lease. They offer NF Fleet customers simple solutions for monitoring and controlling the maintenance costs of their cars.

With a full service lease you can calculate very exactly the actual cost per kilometre for a company car. You can also adjust it, if necessary, during the lease either by decreasing or increasing the car's mileage and the period of its use, so that its usage costs would meet your actual requirements.

Advantages of a full service lease:

  • Employees of your company can dedicate their time fully to their jobs
  • If you choose and order a car through NF Fleet and use its services, you will benefit from significant discounts
  • Fixed monthly payments mean a fixed budget for the whole lease period
  • You have no contract fees
  • You can sign a contract cross-border
  • The service area for leased cars covers all of the Baltic states
  • You can choose between contracts with and without financing
  • You will get one summary invoice for all your vehicle costs
  • NF Fleet's full service lease complies with the international operating lease conditions
  • It is easy to track the mileage of your vehicles
  • You can change the contract during its term
  • You have no residual value risk at the end of your contract
  • If necessary, we can help you sell your existing vehicles
  • At your request, we can draw up a company vehicles policy and monitor its fulfilment

For an offer for a full service lease please contact our customer service by sending an email to

Documents required for a lease application

An application on paperPDF or signed digitally and sent to
Your company's annual report for the previous financial year, the balance sheet, and the profit and loss statement for the current year.
An offer to sell a vehicle.
For a second-hand vehicle, a valuation report from a partner accepted by Nordea Leasing.
If the vehicle is coming from abroad, you need to submit the original purchase and sale contract and the payment order proving that the purchase price has been paid in full. You do not need to submit these documents if your vehicle has been registered in the Estonian traffic register for at least 3 months.


  • When you negotiate the terms and conditions of a lease contract you can choose whether to sign it at a bank office, digitally with your ID-card, or at a car dealership (in Estonian) that is a partner of Nordea Leasing.
  • It is important that everybody concerned sign the contract in the same form. So if one of them cannot sign the contract digitally, then all the others need to sign it physically on paper.


Fees for signing lease contracts VAT added Rate and fee
Contract fee for a car or a commercial vehicle NO 1% of the purchase cost, min 190 €
Contract fee for equipment and machinery NO 0.35 % of the purchase cost, min 250 €
Fees for amending lease contracts
Amendments to a lease contract (changing the type of contract, changing the lease period, changing the type of payment schedule, making an additional down-payment, transferring the contract to another lessee, granting a grace period) NO 1 % on the unpaid residual value, min 150 €
Changing the payment date in the contract's payment schedule NO 50 €, first change is free of charge
Changing the obligation to insure the leased asset in the terms and conditions of a lease contract NO 50 €
Changing the base rate of a lease contract to a floating interest NO

50 € (for a car lease contract), 

100 € (for other lease contracts)

Changing other terms and conditions of a lease contract NO 50 €
Early termination of a lease contract, selling a leased asset at a higher price

Termination of a lease contract

  • A lease contract with a floating interest rate
  • A lease contract with a fixed interest rate


  • 1.5 % on the unpaid residual value, min 150 €
  • 1.5 % of the unpaid residual value, min 150 € + actual costs incurred due to discontinuation of financing**
Sale of an asset at a higher price than its residual value NO 50 €
Other services
Drawing up an unattested authorisation YES 10 € (12 € including VAT)

Drawing up a notarised authorisation (including the notary fee and state fees)

  • Issuing a permission to use a vehicle or to make transactions in the traffic register in the standard 3 working days
  • Issuing an urgent permission to use a vehicle or to make transactions in the traffic register in 1 working day


  • 100 € (120 € including VAT)
  • 150 € (180 € including VAT)

Fuel credit card administration fee

  • Card with a credit limit of 100
  • Card with a credit limit of 200
  • Card with a credit limit of 300
  • 1 € per calendar month
  • 2 € per calendar month
  • 3 € per calendar month
Issuance of fuel credit card statement YES 2.50 € ( 3 € including VAT)
Issuing a written statement that confirms the right to sub-lease a leased asset YES 25 € ( 30 € including VAT)
Issuance of confirmation letter (certificate) YES 5 € ( 6 € including VAT)
Release of additional collaterals of a lease contract YES 50 € ( 60 € including VAT)
plus actual costs (state fees, notary fees, etc.)
Paying state and local taxes and parking fines YES 25 € ( 30 € including VAT) per claim plus actual costs incurred by the lease company (VAT is added only to the administration fee)
Breach of a contractual insurance obligation NO The contractual penalty set out in the contract
Compensation for delays in returning a vehicle on time (per day) NO 30 €
Compensation of sending notification to a lessee of overdue payments or other obligation that is overdue NO  5 €
Signing a debt agreement NO  300 €
Restoring a prematurely cancelled contract NO  190 €
Sale of an asset following early termination of a lease contract YES  200 € ( 240 € including VAT) plus actual costs
Fee for issuance of paper invoice YES  0,58 € ( 0,70 € including VAT)
Issuing an extract of contractual lease settlements and a copy of a bill at the lessee's request YES  5 € ( 6 € including VAT)
Issuing the balance of the payments and residual value at the lessee's request YES  5 € ( 6 € including VAT)
Registration of ownership in Road Administration e-service to the new owner who is not contractual party to the Nordea Finance YES 50 € (60 € including VAT) state fees will be added
Registration of the asset in Road Administration e-service in the name of the Nordea Finance by the employee of the lessor YES 50 € (60 € including VAT) state fees will be added
** The costs of discontinuation of financing are calculated from the difference between the base rates (the base rate of a lease contract and the base rate prevailing when the contract is changed), the residual value of a lease contract and the remaining lease period. These are the actual costs that the lease company has to bear when a lease contract with a fixed interest rate is terminated before its end.