Investment loan

An investment loan is a simple and convenient way to increase your company’s permanent assets. It can also help you carry out projects necessary for the company’s further development.
An investment loan is a suitable means for financing numerous projects, primarily for those with a longer repayment period:
  • To obtain buildings, production and storage facilities or equipment needed for the activity of the company
  • To use the investment for the constant increase of working capital
  • To finance entire business projects (e.g. the introduction of new technology, products and services, the organisation of new production processes, construction activities, etc.)
  • The minimum amount of the investment loan is 6,400 euros. Depending on the project, the bank may finance 60–70% of the cost of the project. However, a higher rate of self-financing is recommended for projects that are just starting.
  • The maximum amount depends on the company’s risk level.
  • The amount may be transferred as a whole or in parts to the bank account of the recipient or the seller of the object of the financing.
  • Administrative fees are applied according to the price list (in Estonian)

To apply for an investment loan:

  • The company and its owners must not have any overdue debts that have been postponed.
  • The company’s equity capital must meet the requirements of the Commercial Code.
  • The company must be capable of meeting the obligations of the intended loan.
  • The company must be trustworthy and the business plan must be realistic.
  • Eligible forms of collateral include: a mortgage on property, deposit, surety and guarantees.
  • Other legally accepted forms of collateral may be used as additional guarantees.
  • Additional collateral may be obtained from MES (in Estonian) or KredEx (in Estonian)
  • Audited (if the company is subject to auditing) financial reports from the previous financial years, as well as balance sheet and income statements for the current financial year, not older than three months.
  • You may be required to provide additional documents.