Start-up loan

Start-up loan helps entrepreneurs realise good business ideas!
First and foremost, the start-up loan is meant for companies just starting their activities or ones that have operated less than three years and need additional financing to realise their business idea or it is difficult to assess the value of the underlying assets or it is insufficient to issue a bank loan.
  • Start-up loan minimum sum is 2000 euros.
  • The maximum loan sum issued to one loan applicant is 100 000 euros, of which a maximum of 50 000 euros may be used for circulating capital
  • The loan intended purpose is financing investments and circulating capital
  • Refinancing existing loans with the start-up loan is not permitted
  • The loan term is up to 60 months
  • Loan repayment takes place on the basis of an amortisation schedule of monthly payments. When the loan period ends, the loan balance must be zero
  • The grace period for the loan principal is up to 12 months, but no more than half of the length of the loan period
  • The security is the entrepreneur`s owners` as natural persons, who belong the entrepreneur`s circle of owners directly or through other companies, solidary surety in the proportion of 25% of the loan sum
  • If the start-up loan is not used for intended purpose or purposeful use of the start-up loan is not proved to the Bank or KredEx, then the maximum financial liability of the entrepreneur`s direct and indirect owners as natural persons due to surety is always 100% of the loan sum


  • Start-up loan is issued in cooperation with KredeExOpens new window.

You can apply for a start-up loan when:

  • Companies with up to 250 employees, if the company was registered in the Commercial Register less than three years ago from the time the entrepreneur submitted a loan application to the bank
  • Annual turnover up to 50 mln euros or balance volume up to 43 mln euros
  • The entrepreneur`s circle of owners only includes natural persons and/or companies in the meaning of the Commercial Code
  • The entrepreneur`s equity capital corresponds to the requirements prescribed by the Commercial Code
  • The entrepreneur, members of the board and its owners do not have debts to lenders that are past deadline and not staggered or debts of national taxes, also the obligation to submit tax declarations pursuant to tax legislation has been fulfilled with due diligence
  • The entrepreneur is sustainable and solvent and the business plan is feasible

KredEx and the Bank have not found out that the entrepreneur`s owner, member of the management board or supervisory board has a valid penalty for an offence against property or an offence of a commercial nature

The start-up loan is not issued to the following activities and entrepreneurs:
  • Primary production of agricultural products, fisheries and aquaculture and forestry;
  • Manufacturing, processing and marketing tobacco (and related products);
  • Manufacturing, processing and marketing weapons and ammunition;
  • Acquisition of transportation means and equipment for road freight;
  • Acquisition of vehicles and mobile machinery on the basis of a power of attorney in issuance of surety in the name of KredEx;
  • Financing retail and wholesale entrepreneurs` circulating capital;
  • For real estate development projects for purposes of sale and rent. If development of real estate takes place for own, including subsidiary and related companies` operations not linked to real estate, then it is permitted to rent out some of the facilities at the condition that rent income, except from subsidiary and related companies, does not exceed 30% of the loan applicant`s annual turnover;
  • Export related activities, which are directly related to amounts exported, establishment and operation of distribution network or other current costs related to export activities, if issuance of surety provides assistance of little significance;
  • Guarantees related to payment of taxes pursuant to legislation;
  • The applicant`s direct or indirect owners include entrepreneurs registered in regions with low tax rate;
  • Discontinuation of operations at a nuclear power station or establishment of such operations;
  • Investments into decreasing greenhouse gas emissions from activities listed in Directive 2003/87/EC Appendix I;
  • Investments in airport infrastructure, except in cases when these are connected to protection of the environment or if these involve investments necessary to alleviate or reduce the unfavourable environmental impact of airport infrastructure;
  • Entrepreneurs running operations in gambling;
  • The objective of financing is using domestic products instead of imported products;
  • Areas of activity related to pornography, gambling, illegal downloading of data and enabling illegal access to data networks;
  • Research and development in healthcare aimed at cloning people for scientific or treatment purposes or developing genetically modified organisms.
  • Notification of minimal support from the State.
  • In the case of existing economic activity, audited (if the company is subject to auditing) financial reports from the previous financial years, as well as balance sheet and income statements for the current financial year, not older than two months.
  • Business plan
  • Financial forecasts for the next three yearsOpens new window (in Estonian)
  • Valid authorisations and licences, if necessary, for the planned economic activity.
  • We may ask you to submit additional documents to help us analyse your business plan.


Start-up loan  
Contract fee 1.5% of the loan value, min 175 €
Fee for contractual amendments 1% of the loan value, min 175 €
Other loans  
Contract fee 1% of the loan value, min 175 €
Fee for contractual amendments 1% of the loan value, min 175 €