The global market prices for oil fluctuate significantly, and an individual company cannot influence the price trends. You can hedge against fluctuations with a derivatives contract made with Nordea. Hedged prices make budgeting and business planning easier.

You can hedge the price of various oil types, such as diesel oil, light and heavy fuel oil, naphtha and crude oil.

  • The fluctuation of global market prices is the most significant factor causing uncertainty in the future trends of consumer prices.
  • The changes in global market prices are usually transferred to consumer prices fairly quickly.
  • Hedging the global market prices will highly improve the predictability of oil prices.
Your benefits

Protects an oil buyer against a rise in oil prices and fixes the oil price to be paid.
Oil price hedges are separated from physical deliveries, meaning that the supplier can be selected freely.
You can start and cancel oil price hedging at the market price at any time.

Remember these

Due to the basis risk*, the gains and losses of a hedging strategy cannot always be fully determined in advance.
Many commodities are priced in US dollars. Among other things, this means that the appreciation of the dollar will be directly reflected in Finnish prices.

Purchasing the products requires a customer relationship and a general agreement on derivatives with Nordea. Please contact our specialists for further information. We will be happy to help.