e-Markets is an easy way to use financial services online. The service is free of charge for Nordea`s corporate customers.

e-Markets is meant for all Nordea corporate customers, who conclude deposits, trade in foreign currencies or want to keep an eye on financial markets. The service is used by thousands of companies across the globe.

e-Markets options:

  • e-Markets service enables you to exchange currency quickly, easily and efficiently and to conclude deposits between 8.30−23.00
  • e-Markets also allows you to follow financial markets in real time. For example prices, graphs, news and analyses about money markets, interest rates, currency exchange rates, commodities, obligations and stock markets.
  • In addition, e-Markets provides access to contemporary analytical models, which are used for more thorough analysis of financial markets.

Subscription to e-Markets service and additional information:

e-Markets uses Sun Java technology for Windows. The newest version of e-Markets can be downloaded automatically and is ready to use.

Test and install the necessary software

First test whether your computer corresponds to the requirements of the new e-Markets version. If you want to use the analysis function tools, then make sure that your computer also fulfils the additional user requirements.

You can download all necessary software based on the results of the test.  


E-Markets and Analytics: