Accounting application integrated with the systems of the bank

Nordea’s business partner Margn OÜ provides professional accounting software for companies, letting you import your account statements into the accounting application without having to describe the transactions first.

An innovative accounting solution that connects automatically to Nordea’s systems.

Margn is an accounting application from Nordea’s business partner Margn OÜ that can be integrated with Nordea’s bank systems. Margn is a simple but professional accounting application that enables you to import your account statements automatically into your company’s accounting system. The integration of Nordea and Margn lets you automatically import your receipts and payouts without having to download an account statement as a file first.

Margn offers a comprehensive accounting solution:

  • It is an online tool that is easy to access and use
  • Payment information from the bank: Margn imports your receipts and payouts automatically and relates them to the relevant invoices and accounts
  • Making payments: prepare all your payment files in Margn and send them to the bank
  • Margn runs other accounting activities like invoices, expenses, transfers and reporting, giving you all you need for your accounting



One-off subscription fee for the Margn-Nordea interface – €15
Monthly subscription fee for the Margn-Nordea interface – €15
The first month of use of the Margn application is free. The fee from the second month starts from €20.

The first 20 customers to subscribe for the Margn accounting application will get the interface for free. The use of the Margn accounting application during the first month is free for all users.

There are three steps to follow for integrating Nordea and Margn.

1. An application and contract for joining Nordea’s bank interface
- You should send a digitally signed application and contract (in Estonian) to;
- The bank will process your application and send you an email containing:
a) The service code
b) The name of the customer
- The activation code will be sent to the contact person by text message.

2. Creating a Margn user account

Please register your Margn account on the website of Margn OÜ

3. Creating a Nordea and Margn interface
- Please log in to your Margn user account
- Please select: Settings -> Organisation data -> General info and add your bank account number
- In order to integrate Margn with Nordea go to Settings -> Integrate with Nordea Bank.
Please enter the service code, the name of the customer and the activation code
- Click on: Create automatic connection

You will find detailed instructions in the Margn blog (in Estonian).

For further information please email
The integration of Nordea Bank and the Margn accounting application uses technology from Kaizern OÜ. Kaizern OÜ provides integration services for bank systems and corporate accounting systems in Estonia.