Home bank for corporate customers

Products and services

Nordea offers a wide range of reliable and high-quality products and services for corporate customers, covering all the needs of companies, regardless of their size or field of activity. For small enterprises we have designed simple, clear and affordable standard solutions. For large enterprises Nordea offers flexible services, which can also be custom designed according to the customers’ needs. The general high standards within the Nordea Group will ensure the high quality and functional reliability of our products.


Consulting our active corporate customers in the fields of financing, investment and everyday banking forms a large and important part of the integral service offered by the bank. Consultation involves going through the entire scope of the company’s financial activities, identifying its needs and making arrangements for the solutions. Business leaders can also consult with the bank on how to manage their personal financial matters. Professional advice from the bank helps customers save time and money.

Bank within reach

In today’s world, the working time of companies is no longer limited to traditional business hours from Monday to Friday from eight to five. Companies involved in international business must be open and available to their clients regardless of the time of the day or the day of the week. Corporate customers expect the same from their bank.

Nordea Bank has created a bridge for enterprises, taking into account the requests and needs of various customer types. The Nordea call centre for corporate customers can be reached 24 hours a day on +372 6283 300. The same applies to e-mails sent to the bank either through Nordea Netbank, the contact form on the website or the e-mail address firma@nordea.com. Nordea Netbank for corporate customers and other e-solutions will give you access to all banking operations regardless of the time of day or your location. Netbank is reliable, quick and covers all your basic bank-related needs.

Corporate customers can set up an appointment with the corporate customer consultant by calling +372 6283 300. We also have a network of bank offices in all the larger towns in Estonia ready to assist our customers.