The Chief Economist of Nordea Estonia

Tõnu Palm has been the Chief Economist of Nordea Estonia since April 2010. The role of the Chief Economist is to give opinions on developments in the Estonian and global economies for the staff and customers of the bank and for the media. He also covers investments, principally capital markets and structured financial instruments.

Tõnu joined the Nordea team in 2008, initially as a Senior Sales Manager covering foreign exchange, interest rates and commodity operations. He later worked as an Investment Manager responsible for credit derivatives (CDS) and structured product sales.

Before Nordea he worked in the Directorate General of Markets at the European Central Bank, at Eesti Pank and in the financial industry in London. He has done advisory work for the United Nations Organisation, the Gulf Cooperation Council and many others.
He holds an MSc in engineering from Tallinn University of Technology, and an MBA from the Estonian Business School.

Tõnu believes that understanding today’s complex and interlinked economic architecture and financial trends requires first and foremost a global perspective and cross-market analysis.

Development and innovation in financial markets, the economy and even in art and music or sport definitely bring colour to life.

Tõnu publishes his comments and opinions daily on his Twitter page.

Read articles and economic outlooks by Tõnu on the Nordea Markets website.