Current account

You need a current account to make your daily settlements and use most banking services and products. It is simple and convenient to open and use a current account.
  • A current account allows you to do your daily banking swiftly and simply: make transactions, use debit and credit cards, open deposit accounts and use the internet and mobile bank.
  • Your current account will grant you rapid access to your funds through various bank channels (ATMs, Telephone Bank and internet bank, Mobile Bank and branch office) and lets you make transactions quickly by bank transfer or in cash.
  • Money on your current account will earn you interest.

There are two options for opening an account:

  In office   Online

You will need an identity document.


You will need electronic signature.

Open an account

For further information please call +372 628 3300.



Know your customer

Citizens of foreign countries will also need to present a document stating the reasons for their stay in Estonia and for opening a current account, such as a study or work certificate or proof of real estate ownership in Estonia.


Bank has the right to ask the client to provide sufficient reasons for his/her interest towards or connection to Estonia when opening an account or agreeing to some form of payment contract (for example studying or working in Estonia or owning real estate). Also, confirmation of clients legal staying in Europe can be asked.

A precondition to entering into any payment contact is opening a current account in Luminor, no additional contracts are required.

Opening an account is without fee. Information about other fees can be found here.

Solving disagreements

Estonian law is adapted to payment services.

All disagreements are attempted to be solved in settlement between parties. If a disagreement does not come to a settlement, the client has the right to contact Consumer Protection Services committee (Pronksi 12, 10117 Tallinn The committee can also be contacted via internet: See more about committee’s operation rules here: If a disagreement does not come to a settlement, both parties have the right to assert a claim to be resolved in court.

A current account can be opened for minors by their legal representatives or guardians. Children aged seven and older can get a bank card and the right to use the current account independently. Legal representatives or guardians can also sign an internet bank user agreement on their behalf. There is no age limit for signing a Child’s Deposit agreement.

To open a current account on behalf of a minor, you will need the following documents:

  • the minor’s birth certificate or assigned guardian statement,
  • the minor’s ID card or passport,
  • the ID of a legal representative of the guardian.

If you want to choose us as your home bank and switch from another bank, we will help you do everything necessary and we can deal with your current bank on your behalf. You can bring over your current account and all the standing orders and e-invoice standing payment arrangements related to your current account.

Switching from another bank means closing your current account in your previous bank and opening a new one in Luminor if you haven’t yet done so. We can bring over your current account if you don’t have any of the following agreements with your other bank:

  • a credit agreement like a housing loan or credit card;
  • an agreement for managing a securities account;
  • an agreement on a savings or investment product like a term deposit or investment deposit;
  • an agreement to use your current account for depositing foreign currencies or as a multi-account or multi-currency
  • account where the balance of the accounts is not sufficient to pay the service fees for foreign currency transactions.

Switching e-invoice standing payment arrangements and standing orders from another bank means that you end your agreements in your previous bank and sign new ones in Luminor.
You cannot switch from another bank if:

  • the current account has been frozen in the other bank;
  • you owe money to the other bank, such as debts for unpaid service fees.

How do I switch from another bank?

  • Via Netbank or Telephone Bank
  • In a branch office or service point

For further information, please call 6 283 300

Currency of the current account Interest rate
EUR 0,01%
  • The interest rate shown in the table is in percent over the reporting year (360 days)
  • The interest is calculated for the actual number of deposit days
  • The interest is calculated from end-of-day account balances of at least 300 euros and is transferred to your current account at least once a year
Opening a current account  
Current account opening for European Economic Arearesidents Free
Reviewing current account opening application and documentation for residents outside of European Economic Area 1 250 €
Account closing fee Free
Account statements  

Statements at customer’s request

  • From a branch office
  • From Netbank (not encrypted)
  • From Netbank (encrypted)
  • By email (digitally signed, encrypted)


  • 0.30 € / page, min 5 €
  • Free
  • 5 €
  • 5 €

By post**

  • Within Estonia
  • Abroad


 0.30 € per page min 5 €

Regular statements**

  • Monthly statement by post within Estonia
  • Monthly statement by post abroad


7 €

1 including persons who do not have Estonian ID card or residence card
** Postage fees will be added.

An IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is an internationally agreed means of identification for bank accounts. The IBAN is needed for making foreign transactions, receiving payments from foreign countries and making transfers outside Estonia.

The Estonian IBAN has 20 digits. A six-digit combination of letters and numbers has been added in front of the old domestic account number:
  • a two-letter country code (EE for Estonia);
  • a two-digit control number;
  • a two-digit bank code (17 for our bank);
  • three zeros (000);
  • the old domestic account number (17000123456).

From 1 February 2014 the IBAN is used in Estonia and the old domestic account number is no longer valid.

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