Finnair Plus MasterCard


Do you have a Finnair Plus loyalty card? Finnair Plus MC is an international credit card with flexible repayment meant specifically for Finnair Plus members. Every euro paid with Finnair Plus credit card  earns you 1 Finnair Plus award point.




Card advantages 
Added value for travelling  

Travel insurance

If you pay at least 50% of travel expenses by Finnair Plus, you will get free travel insurance for your trip. Find out more >

Finnair Plus points

With every 1 euro you spend with Finnair Plus credit card, you earn 1 Finnair Plus award point.    Find out more >

Easy to use  

Without monthly fee for active users

The card`s monthly fee is 4 euros, but you do not need to pay it if you pay for at least 1000 euros a month with the card.

Cash deposit

You can deposit cash free of charge in Estonia cash in/cash out ATMs.

Cash withdrawal

With Finnair Plus credit card, you can withdraw cash both in Estonia and abroad.

Additional cards

You can also link your children`s or family members` additional card to your card`s credit limit.
Credit limit  

Credit limit

You can order the card with or without credit limit and make transfers to the card account to increase the available limit.

Flexible repayment schedule

A flexible repayment schedule with freely chosen repayment on the 5th to the 15th  date of each month.

Interest free period

You can use the credit interest free of charge for up to 45 days.


In order to apply for Finnair Plus MasterCard credit card, you must be a Finnair Plus member. If you are not a member yet, you can join on Finnair's webpageOpens new window.

How does Finnair Plus MasterCard credit card work?

  • As an international credit card, Finnair Plus MasterCard is an accepted means of payment in millions of points of purchase across the globe.
  • With every 1 euro you spend, you earn 1 Finnair Plus award point. The points you collect within a month will be added to your Finnair Plus point balance at the end of the month.
  • As a card holder, you will be able to determine the repayment date between the 5.-15. date and share of compulsory repayment in the range 10-100%.
  • The card`s monthly fee is 4 euros, but if you use the card  for at least 1000 euros worth a month, then the card will be free of the monthly fee.
  • With Finnair Plus MasterCard, you can make free cash deposits in Nordea`s ATMs with cash withdrawal and deposit facility in Estonia (daily limit on deposits is 6 000 euros).
  • If you pay at least 50% of the travel expenses by card, then you will automatically get free travel insurance.
  • You can order the card either with credit limit or without. If you use the credit limit, then interest in the amount of 22% a year will be applied. If you transfer your own funds to the card, you will be able to use the available funds without applying for a credit limit.
Read more about the card service fees`.

Terms and conditions of application:

  • You have to be at least 18 years old and a Finnair Plus member to apply for the credit card.
  • In order to apply for Finnair Plus MasterCard credit card, you must previously be a Finnair Plus loyal customer card holder.
  • You can apply for one on Finnair`s homepage.
  • To apply for credit limit, the applicant`s regular income must be at least 400 euros a month (net). The minimum credit limit can be 300 euros.
  • The credit card applicant cannot have prior payment defaults.
  • If necessary, we ask you to submit additional documents.

Please read the detailed Finnair Plus MasterCard agreement terms and conditionsPDF.

If you pay at least 50% of the travel expenses by Finnair Plus MasterCard credit card, then the card holder receives free travel insurance.

  • Travel expenses include expenses to the travel destination and back to the home country and accommodation costs at the destination of the trip. Site visits and tours in the destination are not considered as travel expenses.
  • Insurance is valid for trips lasting up to 35 days.
  • The insured person is a Finnair Plus MasterCard card holder aged 16-78.
  • The insurance provider is AIG Europe Limited which belongs to the world`s largest insurance group and serves 40 million customers in 160 countries.

The credit card`s comprehensive insurance includes all the most necessary and widespread types of protection:

  • Health insurance
  • Luggage insurance
  • Luggage delay, loss, theft
  • Departure delay (flight and/or other public transport) protection
  • Protection against being late for the trip
  • Travel cancellation protection
  • Travel interruption protection


Please read travel insurance terms and conditionsPDF.

In an insured event:

  • keep all documents related to the insured event and receipts that prove your costs;
  • fill in the claim form when you return home or as soon as you can, attach all the related documents to it and send them by post to the address of the Claims Handling.

Travel Emergency Assistance:
SOS International AS
Copenhagen, Denmark
Tel. +45 7010 5054
Fax +45 7010 5056
(24 h service)

Local Claims handling & Insurance Assistance:
AIG Europe Limited
Post Office Box 7024
14002 Tallinn, Estonia
Tel. +372 686 7800
Fax +372 673 7242
(Mon-Fri 9-20, Sat 10-16)

Claim form

Following an insured event fill in the claim form, attach all the related documents to it and send them by post to:

AIG Europe Limited
Post Office Box 7024
14002 Tallinn, Estonia


Where does the insurance apply? Does it apply across the world?

Insurance applies across the world outside Estonia or outside the insured person`s home country, if the purchase requirement has been fulfilled (50% of travel expenses must be paid by Finnair Plus MC credit card).

Who is insured? Only me or my family?

The insurance applies only to the card holder aged 14-78.

Two family members travelling together, who have credit cards (e.g. Finnair Plus and Business cards). Can different cards` limits be merged if the costs are higher than one card`s limit?

The insured person is entitled to a single compensation also if the insured person has more than one card that provides travel insurance. Therefore, they cannot be merged.

What does insurance cover when the luggage arrives late to the travel destination, back home or is lost altogether?
  • In case of late arrival to travel destination up to insurance sum
  • In case of late arrival back home there is no right to compensation
  • If luggage is lost, then up to insurance sum
What is the insurance maximum limit on compensating hospital costs?

50 000 euros

How are the maximum limits provided in insurance terms and conditions applied? Which limits apply to the card and which to family members travelling together?

Unless provided differently in the terms and conditions, all compensations indicated in the insurance coverage table (located by the insurance terms and conditions) apply to a single insured event and person.

Who will help me if I have questions about my travel insurance during the trip? Who will advise me?

In case of questions regarding insurance protection, policy etc., Customer Service will assist you (Transcom).
Tel + 372 686 7800
Fax + 372 673 7242
In case of an emergency, the emergency services provider SOS, which provides payment guarantee or emergency assistance 24/7 will advise and help the insured person.

Does insurance apply if a private customer Finnair Plus MC credit card holder`s employer pays for the trip and tickets? If yes, then in which cases? Who is the beneficiary?

In case of Finnair Plus MC credit card, the purchase requirement that 50% of the travel expenses must be paid by this card applies. Travel expenses include costs to travel destination and back home and accommodation costs in travel destination. Tours at travel destination are not included among travel costs. Therefore, if the employer pays for the card holder`s travel expenses only to the extent of 50% and the card holder pays for the other half, then the insurance applies. In case of this insurance, the card holder`s potential damages are compensated only in cases when the card holder bears loss him/herself. Therefore– medical costs, travel delay, loss of luggage (personal property) etc. However, if the card holder has not paid for half of the travel expenses, then if the trip is cancelled/interrupted and it is not the customer who has suffered, but the company (who paid for the plane tickets or trip), and  as the company is not insured, then these costs will not be compensated.

Finnair Plus MC
Monthly maintenence fee3 4 €
Cash services
Cash withdrawal from Nordea ATMs in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Russia 1.95 € + 2.5 % of the transaction value
Cash withdrawal from ATMs of other banks in Estonia 1.95 € + 2.5 % of the transaction value
Cash withdrawal from ATMs of other banks where currency is euro (EUR) 2 1.95 € + 2.5 % of the transaction value
Cash withdrawal from ATMs of other banks abroad 1.95 € + 2.5 % of the transaction value
Cash withdrawal at a branch office (except branches in Estonia) 1.95 € + 2.5 % of the transaction value
Cash deposit in Nordea ATM’s in Estonia 1 Free
Other service fees related to bank cards
Balance enquiry from other bank ATM 0.35 €
Fast issuing of a bank card 35 €
PIN code replacement Free
Card replacement fee Free
Card renewal Free
Closing a card Free
Fee for changing card 24h usage limit in branch offices and Telephone Bank Free
Changing the credit limit Free
Conversion fee for card transactions made in foreign currency 2 % of the amount
Blocking a card because of overdue payments 13 €
Sending paper invoices by post 5 €
Using MasterCard support service abroad (issuing a temporary replacement card) Actual costs, max 129 €

1Cash deposit daily limit 6000.-€
2 Europa Union countries where currency is euro (EUR)

3 Monthly maintenance fee will not be required if credit card is used to pay for a minimum of 1000 euros worth of purchase transactions a month. Only the transactions confirmed during the month will qualify.
Your bank card is your electronic wallet. To make sure that your bank card is secure follow these simple principles:
  • Keep the PIN code of your card to yourself alone and never keep it together with the card. The PIN code is your electronic signature when you confirm transactions, so it is very important to keep it secret.
  • When you pay with your card make sure that it is not taken out of your sight.
  • Do not leave your card unattended.
  • When you enter your PIN code make sure that no one else can see it.
  • If you suspect that your bank card may have been used by an unauthorised person, inform the bank immediately and have your card closed.

If you have lost your card, call the bank immediately on the 24/7 service number 1772* / 628 3300 (+372 628 3300 from abroad) to have it closed and to prevent it from being used any further by an unauthorized person.