Nordea Codes is an app for smart devices that can be used to identify yourself in Netbank, mobile or telephone bank. With the Codes app, you can make payments in our online and mobile bank or identify yourself with other providers of online services.


  • It is no longer necessary to bring along code cards or additional devices. 
  • You always bring your mobile phone, so you always have Nordea`s Codes app with you.
  • Simple to use
  • All you need to remember is a 4-digit PIN-code.
  • Biometric loginPDF

Improved security

  • Secure authentication and signing.
  • Not possible to copy to other devices.
  • Securely encrypted.

Which smart devices does the Codes app run on?

The Codes app is meant to be used with Apple, Android and Windows telephones and also on iPad and Android tablets. The Codes app is supported by the following operation systems:

  • iOS- from iOS 7 and newer
  • iPad versions from iOS 7 and newer
  • Android- from Android 2.3.3 and newer
  • WP- WP from 8 and newer

Additional information about ordering and using the Codes app and answers to FAQ are available here:

Code calculator is a physical code generator that can be used to identify yourself in our online, mobile or telephone bank. With the code calculator, you can make payments in the online and mobile bank and identify yourself with other service providers.

Additional information about ordering and using the code calculator and answers to FAQ are available here:

Code calculator user guidePDF

To enter the internet bank with your ID card, you will need the card reader, PIN1 of your ID card as well as the card itself. The connection with the bank will be established through your personal certificate in the chip of your ID card.

The ID card reader is a computer device which you insert your ID card into so it can read the data from your card.

Additional information can be found here new window


Mobile-ID is an ID card based application that allows you to authenticate yourself and digitally sign documents through a mobile device.

You will need a specialised Mobile-ID SIM card, which you can get from your mobile phone operator if you sign the service agreement for it.

Once you have got your Mobile-ID SIM card, you will need to activate it to bind it to your personal identification code through the link on the website (application for issuing new certificates), which you will sign with your ID card.

Please make sure that the contact details of your internet bank user ID gives the same mobile number for which you have ordered the Mobile-ID services!

Further information can be found on the Mobile-ID and ID card websiteOpens new window.

The light login password is a means of identification for logging in to the internet bank, including the mobile bank.

The light login password gives less access than other means of identification (Nordea Codes app, code calculator, Mobile-ID, ID card or the code card) and their codes, and it only allows the following operations in the internet bank and the mobile bank:

  • If you are a private account holder you can view information on any accounts connected to your user ID and make transactions between accounts that belong to you.
  • If you are a legal person you can view account information connected to your user ID.

If you have signed in to the Netbank with your light login code, you can still use Nordea Codes app, code calculator, Mobile-ID, ID card or the code card as an additional identification method for other operations without first having to log out from the Netbank.


  • You will be given your user ID and code card when you sign the Netbank user agreement. The code card contains 120 four-digit codes and you will need one of them to enter the Netbank with your user ID each time you log in. When you have reached your 90th code, the bank will send you a new code card by post.
  • If you enter the wrong code three times in a row, the service will be locked and the error message “Login failed (client locked)” will be displayed.
  • To unlock your account, please contact your nearest bank office or service outlet. Once your identity has been verified in the bank office or at the service outlet, your account can be unlocked.

NB! Starting from 1.04.2017 it would not be possible to enter Netbank or mobile bank using code card.

In connection with this upcoming change we give our customers the possibility to replace old code cards with the new Nordea Codes app or code calculator already starting from 24.09.2016.

You can use our Private Netbank with the following browsers:
  • Internet Explorer, IE7 or later
  • Firefox, latest version
  • Safari
  • Google Chrome

Try demoOpens new window of Nordea netbank.

Using the Private Netbank is simple but secure

Private Netbank users are identified through their user ID and login code, the codes from their code cards, Nordea Codes application or code calculator or the PIN1 of their ID card or Mobile-ID. Payments are confirmed using the codes from the code cards, Nordea Codes application or code calculator or the PIN2 of the ID card or Mobile-ID.
Session protection

  • The connection in our Netbank is protected with the SSL security protocol. The SSL protocol encrypts the data exchange, and the bank identifies customers through their Netbank codes (Mobile-ID or PIN1 for ID card). Additionally, cookies are used to define a session.
  • The SSL security protocol is an encryption technology supported by browsers. When SSL encryption is activated in Explorer, Mozilla or Google Chrome, a padlock icon will appear on the display. If you click on the padlock icon you can view the bank’s security certificate.  A secure connection begins with the letters “https://” in the address field of the internet browser. If the website address begins with “http://”, the connection is not secured.
  • For security reasons, the duration of the connection with the bank is monitored. The maximum duration of one session is two hours. If the internet bank service has been idle for 15 minutes, the session will automatically expire and you will need to log in again to access the service. If you are using your ID card, first close all your browser windows and then log in again. The limited session time is there to protect you against the misuse of your account if you have forgotten to log out from the internet bank.

Guidelines for keeping your internet bank service safe and secure

To prevent unauthorised use of the service and any damage it may cause, we ask you to follow these requirements for looking after your security cards:

  • Keep your user ID and code card or ID card where nobody else can get to it, not even members of your family. If you would like to authorise another person to handle your finances, you need to designate that person as a user of the service.
  • Keep your user ID and code card or ID card apart so that if somebody gets hold of one of them they won’t be able to cause any harm.
  • Do not record security information for other people in a way that can be identified. You must not record your user ID on the code card in any form under any circumstances. The bank strongly recommends that you memorise your user ID.

Disconnecting from the internet bank session

The internet bank session will end when you click “Logout”. For security reasons, we recommend that you then close all your browser windows.


Package fee – monthly fee1 Free
Code calculator registration fee 2 15 €
Second time Code calculator registration fee 15 €
Nordea Codes application Free
Payments according to payments price list

** For customer under 20 years old Netbank is free of charge.

1 Netbank is free of charge when customer has not chosen Netbank package with monthly fee.

2 for customers over 60 years Code calculator device registration is free of charge.