An e-invoice allows you to give up using printed bills on paper and have your monthly bills sent to your email or your internet bank. This is good for the environment and saves money.
  • An e-invoice is an electronic invoice that is like a printed invoice, and which you can order from companies that give you the option of getting their invoices in electronic form.
  • With an e-invoice you will receive a pre-filled payment order which you can use to either make a one-off payment or arrange for an automatic standing payment of the e-invoice.
  • To allow payments you will need to sign an e-invoice standing payment agreement. You can sign the agreement through our internet bank or Telephone Bank or in an office.

You can order e-invoices from companies that give you the option of getting their invoices in electronic form, through Netbank or from www.arved.ee and www.omniva.ee (in Estonian).

E-invoices can also be ordered if you want to pay someone else's bills.

E-invoices can be paid automatically at the bank with the e-invoice standing payment service.  
It is possible to continue paying bills one by one at a suitable time.

E-invoices are available for convenient viewing in our online bank, but you can also use the service without an online bank agreement by concluding an e-invoice standing payment agreement in our telephone bank or at a bank office. In such a case, the company will send an e-invoice to the bank, which is paid by standing payment and information about the invoice will be forwarded as agreed by e-mail or mail.

An e-invoice standing payment agreement can be concluded in the online bank, telephone bank or bank office.

NB! Some companies want customers to first order the e-invoice service from the company and only then is it possible to conclude the e-invoice standing payment service at the bank. In such a case, you should take into consideration that it is not possible to pay an invoice which has already arrived by standing payment and the customer must take care of this invoice.

Read more about the terms and conditions of the e-invoice standing payment service. (In estonian)

  • An order for payment to be paid by the e-invoice standing payment service can be cancelled before the payment date if need be.
  • It is possible to set a limit on the sum to be paid. On the payment date, the bank will perform the transfer if the e-invoice sum does not exceed the set limit.
  • If a valid e-invoice standing payment is changed (e.g. if you wish to change the payment date or limit), then the changes will take effect the following month.

NB! Be careful when setting limits; limits that are too low may create a situation where the payment is not performed and you will be indebted for the service. Changing limits is easy in our online bank, but it is possible to do also in our telephone bank and bank office.

E-invoice standing order

In the branch office / Telephone bank

In Netbank
Signing, amending and terminating e-invoice standing order agreement Free Free
E-Invoice standing order – internal Free Free
E-Invoice standing order – to another bank Free Free
E-invoice one-time payment  - internal - Free
E-invoice one-time payment - to another bank - 0.38 €