Loan insurance

Having a home of your own is wonderful but it is also a big responsibility because taking a home loan often means many years of repayments. Therefore, if you decide to take a loan, it is worth considering how to make sure that it will not become a burden on you or your family should something happen unexpectedly. With our loan insurance you can be confident that you can manage even in difficult situations. Loan insurance is offered to our customers in Estonia through ERGO Life Insurance SE branch

If you have loan insurance, you can be sure that even if the worst and most unexpected things happen, your family will not be left without a home or other property purchased using a loan.
We offer you loan insurance and additional income insurance, which ensures that if you lose your work ability as a result of a serious injury, or you die, the loan will be partially or fully repaid to the bank.

Jointly with ERGO Life Insurance SE branch in Estonia we offer our customers credit life insurance with housing loan, idea loan or renovation loan contracts. You can also add loan insurance to the loan contract you already have.
If you want to sign a credit insurance contract, please make an appointment with your loan advisor by filling in the form or by calling  628 3300.

Why choose credit loan insurance?

  • It gives your family a sense of security, because if you die, the insurance company will pay the full loan or an agreed part of it back to the bank and the family's property remains untouched.
  • You can fulfil your loan obligations even if you lose your work ability totally and permanently as a result of an accident or sickness.

The size of your insurance premiums depends on your age, health, area of activity and the amount insured. The most convenient way to make your monthly payments is using an e-invoice standing order.

You can sign a credit life insurance contract at any branch office. There is no contract fee and if you need to undergo a medical examination, this is also free.


With credit life insurance you can insure your life either fully or partially to the extent of your obligations under your loan contract. This way you can mitigate abrupt changes in the economic situation of your family in the unfortunate event of your death.
Following an insured event, the insurance company will pay the insurance amount agreed in the insurance contract to the bank. Consequently, you will have no obligations before the bank or at least they will be less than without insurance.
In addition, you can choose the supplementary insurance coverage against no work ability if you lose it as a result of an accident or sickness.

  • You can insure between 30% and 100% of the loan balance, and the minimum amount insured when you sign the contract is 10,000 euros.
  • A credit life insurance contract can be signed by both co-applicants for the loan.
  • If you choose the supplementary insurance against no work ability, the amount insured is the same as the amount insured under the credit insurance contract.
  • An insurance contract is valid until the end of the loan period but it expires when you turn 76. Insurance coverage against no work abaility is valid until you turn 66.

In the event of death or no work ability the insurance company indemnifies the amount insured and up to three months of loan interest.

In an insured event please contact ERGO claims handling by calling on +372 610 6500 or by sending an email to

Depending on which insurance coverage you have chosen, an insured event is the policyholder's death, or total and lost work ability.

In the event of the policyholder's death the following documents must be submitted:

  • Claim application formOpens new window (in Estonian)
  • A death certificate or its notarised copy
  • A certificate issued by a doctor (hospital) or a relevant authority concerning the circumstances of the death
  • Other documents that the insurance company reasonably requests and/or that must be submitted according to the law

In the event of the policyholder's total loss of work ability the following document must be submitted:

  •  Claim application formOpens new window (in Estonian)
  • An ID document proving the identity of the policyholder
  • Excerpt from the policyholder's medical record and/or health file
  • Decision on the assesment of No Work Ability
  • A copy of the decision of the police, a judicial or another investigation authority if incapacity for work has resulted from a misdemeanour or a criminal offence
  • Other documents related to the insured event

The claim application form and other documents should be brought to an office of ERGO or sent to A. H. Tammsaare tee 47, 11316 Tallinn by registered post. If you have any questions, please call ERGO on +372 610 6500, or email