Consumer loan

A consumer loan is a convenient and fast option if you need to cover unexpected expenses or make larger purchases. You can also use it for travelling or paying tuition fees
  • The minimum consumer loan amount is 640 euros. The maximum amount of the loan depends on your actual income and liabilities
  • The maximum term for a consumer loan is 5 years
  • Your minimum monthly net income needs to be 500 euros
  • The total loan and lease payments must not exceed 40% of your income.
  • You can apply for a loan with a co-applicant
  • If you want to apply for consumer loan, you do not have to have been a customer of our bank before, you just need a statement from your bank account from the last six months.
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What do I need to apply for a loan?

  • A loan application. You can submit your application on paperPDF or online. If you are our customer, you can submit your application through Netbank.
  • Your and co-applicant passport or ID-card.
  • A statement from your and co-applicant bank account(s) for the last six months. If your income has been deposited with our bank over the last six months, you do not have to submit an account statement.
  • If a guarantee is required, the passport or ID-card of the guarantor and a statement from the guarantor’s bank account for the last six months if his or her income has not been deposited with our bank.
  • The bank has the right to ask for any additional documents and information it needs for reviewing the application.


Consumer loan
Contract fee 1.5 % of the loan amount, min 60 €
Increasing the loan amount 1 % of the additional amount, min 30 €
Changing the monthly payment date Once a year free of charge
Changing other terms and conditions of the loan contract 1 % of the loan balance, min 30 €
Early repayment of the loan either in part or in full Free of charge if notice is given 3 months before; in other cases interest is calculated for up to 3 months on the amount that is repaid early. Early repayment of a loan without real estate collateral is free
Changing the co-borrower 60 €
Changing the collateral 100 €
Penalty for failure to submit the insurance policy of the collateral 100 €