Important information for investors

Our investment services make sure that your orders are always carried out in the best possible way. This means that you are always treated fairly.
  • Luminor follows the harmonised rules of MiFID (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive) that apply throughout the European Union since 1 November 2007 to its investment services.
  • The requirements set out in the Directive increase protection for investors and enhance the transparency of investment services.
  • With this in mind, bank has established its General Terms and Conditions for the Provision of Investment ServicesPDF

        Please make sure you read the Description of Investment-related RisksPDF

  • InducementsPDF, i.e. what the bank receives for intermediating investment products
What is the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive MiFID?

Financial services provided in the European Union are regulated by EU directives.
The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive is one of the measures of establishing a single European financial market and was transposed to all EU member states` legislation by November 1, 2007.


The main objective of the directive is to harmonise investment services provided in the European Union and to increase protection of investors.
Luminor has always set high consumer protection and transparency standards for itself, which MiFiD will help to enhance as it creates equal rules and requirements for banks and investors across the European Union.

MiFID objectives:

  • Improve transparency of investment services;
  • Guarantee the highest level of customer protection;
  • Define standards for performance of customer instructions;
  • Enable investment companies to operate across the European Union on the basis of their homeland license (so-called “EU passport“);
  • Harmonise investment companies` organisational requirements.

How does the directive affect you?

In order to determine the investor protection level that applies to you, Luminor is obliged to categorise you in one of three customer classification categories according to the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive. Luminor is obliged to inform you of your classification.
You can fill in the MiFiD risk assessment questionnaire in our online bank or at a bank office.
Suitability of services provided to you

Luminor is obliged to acquire additional information from you about your investment know-how and experience (especially regarding the financial instruments you are investing in) and to find out your financial situation and investment objective.
The information we receive from you will only be used to make sure that the products and services the bank offers you suit and are appropriate for you.

Advantages to customers

  • Greater transparency of investment services offered to you primarily due to clearer guidelines and documentation.
  • Higher quality consultation service as we will focus more on the specific risks of the financial instruments offered to you than before.
  • Better protection of your interests as the Luminor products and services offered to you correspond to your risk profile and classification and Luminor makes sure rules regarding performance of customer instructions are followed.
  • Among other things, the general terms and conditions for the provision of investment services contain information on the categorisation of clients and the holding of assets.
  • Luminor also adheres to the rules for executing client orders in the best possible way and to the policy on conflicts of interest. This policy helps avoid or mitigate possible conflicts of interest so as to ensure that clients are always treated fairly.
  • In compliance with MiFID, Luminor adheres to the following principles when providing investment services:

1.  Client categorisation and the related requirement to provide additional information
2.  Assessment of the suitability and relevance of an investment service
3.  Achievement of the best possible result in the execution of an order from a client
4.  Avoidance of conflicts of interest

  • The investor protection set forth in MiFID applies to both private and business customers.