Gold customer

As a Gold customer, you will receive personal offers from Luminor and will have access to our advisors who will be your partner in banking related concerns.

You may participate in customer programme as a private person or together with the other members of your family, i.e. as a family unit*. If you have joined the customer programme as a family unit, the Gold customer requirements will apply to the entire family. It is easier to meet the requirements together!

In order to become a Gold customer, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Your regular income to a Luminor current account is at least 1,000 € per month for three consecutive months**;
  • The total sum of your or your family's savings and investment products exceeds 5,000 €;
  • You use at least five of Luminor's banking, lease, pension and/or insurance products.

You will be automatically upgraded to the Gold customer level if you must meet these requirements for two consecutive months.

*An adult family member must submit a joint written application to the bank in order to be included in the customer programme as a family.

**The following are not considered regular income:

  • Income received from the customer`s own account or another family member`s account;
  • A deposited sum and interest received upon the expiry of a deposit;
  • Income received for realised investment fund shares/indexed bonds;
  • Interest received on the account for on-demand depositing;
  • Credit paid to the customer by the bank.

In determining the total volume of saving and investment products, the customer programme proceeds from:

  • the settlement account average monthly balance
  • the investment account average monthly balance
  • the average monthly balance of the term deposit, target deposit and child`s deposit
  • the reserve deposit average monthly balance
  • the end-of-month value of Nordea investment funds` shares in market prices
  • the end-of-month net value of Luminor III pillar supplementary pension fund shares
  • the end-of-month value of single instruments (shares, investment funds)
  • the end-of-month balance of indexed bonds

The products considered in determining the customer group level in the customer programme are:

In everyday banking:

  • Online and/or telephone bank
  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • Standing payment order
  • E-invoice standing payment order

In saving, investment and pension:

  • Term deposit
  • Target deposit
  • Child`s deposit
  • Reserve deposit
  • Nordea investment funds` shares
  • Indexed bonds
  • Luminor Pensions Estonia AS III pillar supplementary pension fund shares
  • Single instruments (shares, investment fund shares)

In loan and leasing:

  • Housing loan
  • Reserve loan
  • Renovation loan
  • Idea loan
  • Consumer loan
  • Education loan
  • State-guaranteed study loan
  • Overdraft
  • Luminor Liising AS car leasing

In insurance:

  • Luminor home insurance
  • Luminor loan insurance

You have access to our advisors who act as your partner in important banking issues. The advisor takes your needs into account and provides you with all the competences and expertise available to Luminor. 

Register to an advisory session with your advisor to discuss any financial concerns and find the solutions that are best suited for achieving your financial aims.

Our advisors can also be contacted online.

We can provide you with professional banking related advice at a time suitable to you, and you do not even have to visit a branch office. More information about online advisory sessions can be found here.