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Nordea internetipank
With Nordea’s Private Netbank, it is possible to access banking services and products from any computer connected to the Internet, without visiting a bank office

An Internet bank user account allows you to use the online bank, telephone bank, WAP service, e-payment and e-identification services.

28.02.2013  ID-card software update!  

With Private Netbank, you can do the following:

  • Make own, domestic and cross-border payments
  • View your account balance and statements
  • Set up standing orders and direct deposit arrangements
  • Conduct debit and credit card transactions and apply for cards
  • Convert currency
  • Open deposits
  • Use e-services (e-payments and e-identification)
  • View, order and pay by e-invoices
  • View and edit contact information
  • Read and compose customer mail messages

Internet bank service charges

It is possible to select between the following differently priced Internet bank packages:
No monthly service fee
With this package, payments within Nordea Bank are free of charge, while payments to other banks within Estonia are only 0.38 EUR (6 EEK).

Monthly service fee
A flat monthly maintenance fee of only 0.64 EUR (10 EEK) for gold customers, 0.96 EUR (15 EEK) for silver customers and 1.28 EUR (20 EEK) for ordinary and bronze customers. The Internet bank service fee is waived for customers under the age of 20.

How do I become an Internet bank user?

You can sign up for an Private Netbank agreement at any Nordea bank office or service centre.