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How to enter the Internet bank

Entering the Internet bank with a code card


Select "Log in to Netbank" on the Nordea homepage.
Enter your user ID, which you will find on your agreement.

Enter the code you are prompted for from your code card.


Entering the Internet bank with your ID card

Select "Nordea Netbank" from
Enter your user ID and press “Log in with ID-card”


For first-time user of the ID card


Before using the ID card in Nordea Internet bank, you will need the following:

  • an ID card and PIN1 code for entering the Internet bank and the PIN2 code for confirming transactions from (apply for from Citizenship and Migration Board offices)
  • Valid certificates (renewing certificates)
  • ID card software (software installer home page) 
  • ID card reader (available from Nordea branches)