With an overdraft you can spend money from your current account up to an agreed limit and use the overdrawn amount as you would use your own money on your account.
  • An overdraft is a convenient and flexible loan that you can use for making card payments or for transfers in the Netbank or at a branch, or for withdrawing cash.
  • The minimum overdraft limit is 320 euros. Your overdraft limit depends on your actual income and debts.
  • The minimum required monthly net income is 500 euros.
  • As a rule, your income needs to have been transferred to our bank for six consecutive months prior to your application. Shorter time periods may be accepted in exceptional cases.

The overdraft lasts one year and is extended automatically for one year.

Overdraft interest is calculated only on the amount by which you are overdrawn and is calculated for a 360-day year. The interest accrues on the overdrawn amount over a quarter and is debited from your current account on the last day of each quarter and when your overdraft contract ends. When your contract ends, you must also pay back the principal.

  • The interest rate is made up of the base rate of 10.95% and an additional margin.
  • The margin is set individually and reflects your income and your debts.


Annual percentage rate for the overdraft

For example, when taking an overdraft loan in the sum of 639.12 euros, a floating loan interest of 23% a year, agreement fee 19.17 euros, limit fee 1% of limit a year, the preliminary percentage rate of charge is 24.94% and the total sum of payments to repay the credit and cover the total cost of credit is 728.73 euros.

You can find additional information on annual percentage rates on the website of the Consumer Protection Board.

What do I need to apply for an overdraft?
  • Your passport or ID-card.
  • An account statement for the last six months. If your income has been transferred to our bankfor the last six months, you do not have to submit any account statements.
  • An overdraft applicationPDF.
  • The bank has the right to ask for additional documents and information  it needs for reviewing the application.
You will have to pay the following fees for your overdraft contract:
  • A contract fee
  • A limit fee

You will have to pay both fees when the overdraft limit is first agreed. The limit fee is debited from your current account once in a quarter and is set in relation to your overdraft limit.

Contract fee 20 €
Credit limit fee (yearly) 1 % of the amount of the limit, min 10 €
Increasing the limit 1 % of the additional credit limit, min 10 €
Reducing the limit Once a year free of charge
Changing other terms and conditions of the loan contract 1 % of the limit, min 10 €
Termination of contract Free