Term deposit

A term deposit is a secure way to earn interest on your money over a fixed time period

Offer for private customers:

Offer for the term deposit with a period is 13 months and the maximum deposit sum per customer is up to 50 000 euros.
Currency Deposit interest Deposit interest, if you invest at
least 25% of your deposit sum*
Deposit interest, if you invest at
least 50% of your deposit sum*








The detailed terms and conditions of the offerPDF

*The offer is valid if one of the investment products offered in the scope of the campaign is suitable for the customer on the basis of the risk assessment questionnaire. Please take into consideration that placing funds in investments entails risks. For example, by choosing an investment product without a guarantee on invested capital, the customer may suffer greater loss than the interest rate on a deposit increased to 1% or 1.5 %. This means that depending on the investment product and realisation of entailed risks, it may make more sense for the customer to choose a deposit without investment risk. Before placing funds in investments, the bank must have assessed the suitability and relevance for the customer.

Term deposit has several advantages:
  • The interest is fixed for the entire period, so the return on your deposit is not affected by changes in interest rates.
  • There is no income tax payable on interest paid on deposits.
  • You can open a term deposit with a minimum of 320 euros for fixed terms ranging from 1 month to 5 years.
  • All deposits opened in Nordea are guaranteed by the Swedish deposit insurance scheme.

Terms and conditions:

  • The term of the deposit can range from 1 month to 5 years.
  • When the deposit reaches maturity, interest earned on it is transferred to your current account together with the amount deposited. If you prefer, you can apply for automatic extension of the deposit at maturity.
  • For long deposits, interest is paid with the 12 months frequency.
  • The minimum deposit is 320 euros or its equivalent in foreign currency.
  • No interest will be paid if the deposit is withdrawn prematurely.
  • Terms and conditions of term deposits.
Term deposit
1M 0,01 0,15 0,2 0,00 0,5 0,5
2M 0,01 0,15 0,3 0,00 0,5 0,5
3M 0,02 0,2 0,4 0,00 0,6 0,6
4M 0,02 0,2 0,4 0,00 0,6 0,6
5M 0,02 0,25 0,5 0,00 0,6 0,6
6M 0,05 0,3 0,5 0,00 0,7 0,7
7M 0,05 0,35 0,6 0,00 0,7 0,7
8M 0,05 0,4 0,6 0,00 0,7 0,7
9M 0,08 0,45 0,7 0,00 0,7 0,7
10M 0,1 0,5 0,75 0,00 0,7 0,7
11M 0,1 0,55 0,75 0,00 0,7 0,7
12M 0,12 0,6 0,8 0,00 0,7 0,7
13M* 0,2* - - - - -
24M 0,12 0,65 - 0,00 0,5 -
36M 0,12 0,75 - 0,00 0,5 -
48M 0,12 0,8 - 0,00 0,5 -
60M 0,12 0,8 - 0,00 0,5 -
  • The above interest rates are valid for sums from 320 EUR to 100 000 EUR or the equivalent in other currencies.
  • The interest has been provided in the table in percentages for the reporting year (360 days). Interest is calculated for the number of actual deposit days.
  • *Offer for the term deposit with a period is 13 months and the maximum deposit sum per customer is up to 50 000 euros. The detailed terms and conditions of the offerPDF


Opening a deposit Free
Cash payment for opening a deposit (euro) Free

From 01.04.2014, Nordea Group will be operating in Estonia as a branch office of Nordea Bank AB Estonia. Funds deposited in Nordea Bank AB Estonia are guaranteed with the Swedish deposit guarantee scheme. The deposit guarantee scheme protects both deposits and funds on bank accounts.

The deposit guarantee scheme was established with the aim of managing banks` financial risk. The deposit guarantee scheme guarantees payment of compensation for finances kept in banks, if the bank is not able to pay out the finances customers have deposited with them due to insolvency or if the bank`s  supervisory institution cancels the bank`s license.

The deposits guarantee scheme covers both private and legal persons` deposits (see exclusions for legal persons below).

How the deposit guarantee scheme works

Customers have the right to compensation if the bank is unable to fulfil its obligations due to insolvency. Customers have the right to compensation also in case the Swedish Financial Inspectorate Finansinspektionen decides to cancel Nordea Bank AB`s license and an order is given to use the funds in the Guarantee Fund.Guaranteed sum

The maximum size of the compensation is 100 000 euros per customer. If the total amount of deposits belonging to the customer is below 100 000 euros, the actual value of the deposits is compensated. If the account has been opened in two or more people`s name, then the maximum sum of compensation applies to each person separately.

In exceptional cases, additional protection of up to 5 million Swedish kronas applies, e.g. on the sum a private person received from sale of real estate, redundancy compensation, insurance compensation.

If many customers` money is kept on an account (e.g. law offices, asset management companies), then according to the general rule of the Swedish deposit guarantee scheme, deposits are guaranteed to the actual owners of the funds i.e. to each customer separately, to the maximum compensation extent.

Compensation payment

Payment of compensation takes place through the Estonian deposit guarantee sub-fund.  The Swedish National Debt Office pays the compensation to the Estonian deposit guarantee sub-fund within 7 days from the date when the bank was declared bankrupt or when the Swedish Financial Inspectorate gave the order to use the guarantee fund means.

Additional information about the Swedish deposit guarantee scheme is available from the  Swedish National Debt Office`s Riksgälden homepage and the Guarantee Fund`s homepage.  



1.      How are the sums to be compensated to customers calculated?
Deposits protected under the deposit guarantee scheme are compensated with the interest accrued by the date the bankruptcy decision or the Swedish Financial Inspectorate`s decision is announced. The maximum limit of 100 000 euros is applied to the total sum deposited by a single depositor in one bank, but not to each opened deposit separately.

2.      Which legal persons does the deposit guarantee scheme not cover?
-          National authorities and local municipality units
-          Credit institutions
-          Creditors and credit intermediaries
-          Financing institutions
-          Insurance providers and  reinsurance undertakings
-          Investment funds and fund managers
-          Investment firms

3.      If the customer has both a loan and deposits at the same bank, then does the loan balance reduce on account of the guaranteed deposits in case of a compensation case?
The right to compensation is not off-set with debts that the customer has at the bank.

4.      What currency is the compensation calculated and paid in?
The compensation is calculated and paid in euros.
In exceptional cases when additional protection is applied, the guaranteed sums are calculated in Swedish kronas, by using the euro and Swedish krona exchange rate published on the Nasdaq OMX Stockholm webpage on the date the guarantee is applied.  The payment of guaranteed sums takes place within 7 days after the guarantee is applied. During this time, the exchange rate of Swedish krona to euro may change, leading to payment of higher or lower sums in euros. The depositor bears the currency risk.