Nordea customer programme

The philosophy of our customer programme is simple: we offer you the skills of our experienced advisors and the best terms.

You will benefit from a stable and active customer relationship, as you will have a partner you can trust who supports you in setting your short and long-term goals and gives you expert advice on how to reach these goals with support from the bank. In addition, using Nordea as your home bank will make your everyday banking a lot cheaper.

When calculating your discounts, Nordea customer programme takes into account the income received on your Nordea bank account, the number of bank products you use and the total sum of saving and investment products. An inalienable part of the Nordea customer programme is a family-centred approach i.e. we consider all family members` products and services when determining the customer programme level. If your entire family settles and increases their asset value at Nordea, you gain more benefits. All family members` product consumption activity is aggregated and all family members who have joined the customer programme as one unit can enjoy the advantages and benefits equally. The more actively you use Nordea bank services, the greater the benefits.

The Customer programme levels are characterised by three well-known metals: bronze, silver and gold – and everybody can move up or down between the levels.

The highest level of our customer programme, the Gold customer status, is granted to our most valued customers. Gold customers can get the best benefits.

Reassignment from one customer level to another is automatic and depends on how much you and your family use the Nordea bank services. Your customer status is upgraded if you meet the requirements for the higher level for two consecutive months. Your customer status is downgraded only if you fail to meet the requirements for your current customer level for six consecutive months.

Terms and conditions of the Nordea customer programmePDF.

As a Gold customer, you will have a personal advisor,
the best price offers and the most favourable and personal terms.
Silver customers can get everyday bank services at reduced prices
and lower housing loan and car lease contract fees.
The Bronze customer level is the first level in our customer programme.
By trusting your banking entirely to our care, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of our Silver or Gold customers in the future.
When you reach 60, it is much easier for you to reach
the Silver or Gold customer status with lots of benefits.
Nordea has a Check-in youth package for young customers 20-26 years old,
to help them with their everyday banking.
We have also thought about the youngest family members,
to teach them about saving and how to manage their finances.