Bronze customer

The Bronze customer level is the first level in our customer programme. By trusting your banking entirely to our care, you will be able to enjoy the privileges of our Silver or Gold customers in the future

Our Bronze customers are charged from our main price list. As you use more of our bank services, we will make sure you are automatically upgraded to Silver or Gold customer status.

If you bring the bank operations of your whole family to Nordea, we will add together all the bank services used by the entire family and you will all have access to the benefits.

All over 20-year-old customers who have opened a bank account will automatically gain the first level of the Nordea customer programme i.e. Bronze customer status. 20-26-year-old customers will be linked to the check-in youth package. Based on how actively bank services are used, 20-26-year-olds can immediately become Silver or Gold customers..

Tip: it is easier to join as a family!

Nordea is currently the only bank to run a family-centred customer programme – joining as a family means Nordea will consider the total savings and investments and used products needed for qualification together for all family members, and the discounts also apply to all family members. It is easier to get the benefits together!

For you to participate in our customer programme as a family, we need the adult family members to submit a joint written application to the bank.

Reassignment from one customer level to another is automatic, and is based on how actively you and your family use the Nordea bank services. Income received on the settlement account and the total sum of saving and investment products is considered.

Upgrading your customer status
Your customer status will be upgraded if you meet the requirements for the higher level for two consecutive months.

Downgrading your customer status
Your customer status will be downgraded, if you fail to meet the requirements of your current customer level for six consecutive months.

In determining the total volume of saving and investment products, the Nordea customer programme proceeds from:

  • the settlement account average monthly balance
  • the investment account average monthly balance
  • the average monthly balance of the term deposit, target deposit and child`s deposit
  • the reserve deposit average monthly balance
  • the end-of-month value of Nordea investment funds` shares in market prices
  • the end-of-month net value of Nordea III pillar supplementary pension fund shares
  • the end-of-month value of single instruments (shares, investment funds)
  • the end-of-month balance of indexed bonds

The products considered in determining the customer group level in the customer programme are:

In everyday banking:

  • Online and/or telephone bank
  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • Standing payment order
  • E-invoice standing payment order

In saving, investment and pension:

  • Term deposit
  • Target deposit
  • Child`s deposit
  • Reserve deposit
  • Nordea investment funds` shares
  • Indexed bonds
  • Nordea Pensions Estonia III pillar supplementary pension fund shares
  • Single instruments (shares, investment fund shares)

In loan and leasing:

  • Housing loan
  • Reserve loan
  • Renovation loan
  • Idea loan
  • Consumer loan
  • Education loan
  • State-guaranteed study loan
  • Overdraft
  • Nordea Finance Estonia car leasing

In insurance:

  • Nordea home insurance
  • Nordea loan insurance
  • Our Bronze customers are charged from our regular price list.
  • We will make sure that when you use more of our bank services, you are automatically reassigned to Silver or Gold customer status and are offered the benefits available to that level.
  • You can join our customer programme with your whole family. In that case, we automatically look at the use of our bank services by the entire family, and if you are reassigned to a higher customer level, everyone in the family will have access to the benefits.

NB! See also our further information on the benefits for Silver or Gold customers.