Children (0-19 years)

As family members, children will also benefit from Nordea’s Silver and Gold customer discounts until they reach the age of 20.

You can open a current account for your child immediately after their birth. That is also an excellent time to begin thinking about how you can support your child in becoming an independent young adult – the sooner the better!

Nordea’s flexible child deposit will help you in this endeavour – you can make payments whenever and in whichever sum suits you best. Your child can access the money collected on the deposit when they turn 18 to use it as seed funding for their independent life.

Cash payments and monthly transfers to the child deposit are free of charge.

You can help your child develop a saving habit by depositing the coins they collect in the bank. Before you notice, you may very well have collected a considerable amount of money for your child.

  • The debit cards of customers under 20 years of age have no monthly or annual fees.
  • Cash withdrawal with the debit card is free of charge from all Nordea ATMs in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway.
  • It would be useful to conclude a Netbank contract for you child so that they could keep track of their daily transactions. In addition, the Netbank codes can also be used to access eKool.
  • The Netbank service has no monthly fee for customers under the age of 20.
  • In addition, all domestic bank transfers to both Nordea and other banks are free of charge.

It is wise to begin thinking about higher education and investing in pension funds already at the age of 17.

A young adult acquires the right and obligation to begin contributing to the II pillar of the pension scheme on 1 January of the year following the year when they turn 18. This means that the pension fund needs to be selected before the turn of the year.

We invite young adults to come to a consultation at a suitable Nordea branch to help you select the most suitable pension scheme.

You also have the opportunity to apply for a state-guaranteed student loan to cover smaller education related expenses. Do not forget to come and consult our advisors, who will help you go over your goals and find the solution that is best suited for funding your education.