Young adult (20-26 years)

Nordea`s Check-in youth package is meant for organising everyday banking, providing 20-26-year-old (included) young people discounts on the most frequently used banking services.


As a young adult, you are about to make your first independent decisions and start planning your independent life.We want to support you in this in every way and so we have developed the Check-in package for the banking affairs of 20-26 year-olds. The package gives you as a young customer a cheaper way to run your independent banking operations and makes it easier for you to move forward to the other levels in our customer programme

To get the benefits of our young adult package, you need only:
  • have at least one current account in our bank
  • use the Nordea Netbank or Mobile Bank

If you are a member of a family that is in our customer programme, you will automatically get the benefits of the Check-in package when you turn 20.

When you reach 27, you are automatically transferred to our customer programme so that you will continue to benefit in the future, depending on how actively and how much you use our bank services.

NB! See also our further information on the benefits for Silver or Gold customers.

  • International debit card monthly fee only 0.85 €.
    NB! Withdrawing cash with the settlement package debit card is free of charge in all Nordea ATMs in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway. Moreover, in 2014, we have added the free cash deposit function to 20 ATMs in Estonia.