Young adult (20-26 years)

Nordea’s Check-in youth package that provides discounts on more commonly used bank services is intended for organising the daily banking of our 20 to 26-year-old (included) customers.

As a young adult, you are making your first independent decisions and are embarking on planning your own life.

In order to support you on this journey, we have created the Check-in youth package to help our 20 to 26-year-old customers organise their daily banking. The package aims at helping young customers comfortably organise their first independent bank transactions and make it easier for them to transition to the other levels of our customer programme.  

In order to become a Check-in customer, all you need is:

  • To have at least one current account at Nordea;
  • Use Nordea’s Netbank or Mobile Bank.

If you are currently registered in our customer programme as the member of a family unit, the Check-in customer discounts will automatically be applied to you once you turn 20.

When you turn 27, you will automatically be transferred to our Bronze, Silver or Gold customer level depending on how actively you use Nordea’s services.

  • International debit card monthly fee: 0.85 €
  • Netbank and a debit card for a single monthly fee of 1.80 € if you join the private customer banking package.

See which benefits await you on the Silver and Gold customer levels.